View Full Version : Roomshare for 2 at Sheraton (host hotel, 2nd bed available)

07-29-2012, 11:38 PM

My mom (65) and bestfriend (31, female) have an extra bed at the Sheraton Host hotel. Thurs to Mon.
Looking for 2 people to split cost 4 ways (it is 200+taxes a night at con rate, so 200+taxes per person).
Our allergies are smoke (even on clothes if a smoker) and heavy perfume. No smoking in the room. I'm ok with alcohol but no drugs.
Please reply or PM if interested.

P.S. connecting room has medical dog for me, very friendly and around me or my mother at all times (it's a king room and my wedding weekend).
We will have mini-fridges in each room. And the connecting room with have a Keurig coffee maker for free good coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. I also bring drink minis and brandy, cookies, etc for people rooming with us.

Having our two people cancel on us this late gave me a panic attack today, so hoping to save my wedding and not let my bridesmaid and matron of honor stranded without a room because of this. ::fingers crossed::

08-05-2012, 10:47 AM
Hi Katala,

I'm Kayhettin with Elysiam Entertainment and I'm currently looking for a space in a hotel for Dragoncon. I'm one person, and I will be staying from Thurs to Sunday if that is something you would consider.