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07-31-2012, 09:22 PM
Custom Fleece Hat Commissions - NOW OPEN!

I love making fleece hats, they're very easy to make and I can get them made fairly quickly, depending on how detailed they are.
I've made Pokemon, Digimon, ponies, Adventure Time, Tanooki, even Dragon Ball Z. Examples of hats I've made:

lots of hats (http://mysu1c1d3.deviantart.com/gallery/25754194?offset=0)

My terms:

What I Need:

1. Character (or creature/critter) name
2. Series (show, book, cartoon, anime etc.) they're from (or if they're an oc)
3. preferred payment method (Paypal, money order/cash)
4. deadline (<----REALLY important!) , that's whenever you need to have the hat in your possession, if you need it by a certain time/month.
5. Your hat size! I have a size chart down below, you take a measuring tape (or a hat you own) and measure your head (forehead, around the back at the base of your skull, and then to your forehead) or take a hat you own and give me the size, I will convert it to however many inches it needs to be.
6. References (really important, if I don't know what you want made, I won't be able to find the right picture myself to use for reference. Multiple references are VERY helpful! ^-^)

Also, if you have a budget, that's good to know, too. My hats are generally pretty cheap (as far as custom hats go) but it's good to know how much you're able (or willing) to spend on a custom hat.

Materials I Use:

sewing machine
flannel (sometimes for small details)
fabric glue

My Size Chart:

small - 18-19 inches
medium - 20-21 inches
large - 22-23 inches
x-large - 23-24 inches

If a larger size is needed than the x-large I can make it a larger size. Same with if a smaller size is needed.

My Pricing

Depends on how much materials are used, how much I need to get. I have many different colors of fleece so I most likely won't have to go out and buy any extra, but if I do then I will let you know.


I do need partial payment first, before I get started. This way, if I start making the hat and then I never hear from the person again (it's happened before) I haven't done a lot of work for nothing. It's also to let me know you're serious and really want the hat made.

I can take Partial Payments (little bit at a time until it's paid off), or Half and Half (half when it's started, half when it's done and you like how it came out). I will never ask for the whole thing at once.


Free for US residents (always either $1.64 [3 oz.] or $1.81 [4 oz]) to ship, if you want to pay that little extra, that's fine with me, otherwise I take care of shipping costs). International depends on where you are, because one country would cost $5 to ship to, another would cost almost $10, depending on where you are.


PM me on here, or send me an email: kracken0214@hotmail.com. I respond to either one, just give me at least a day to reply.