View Full Version : Review: "Finding Mr. Bright" by Benefit

08-08-2012, 07:14 PM
Name of Product: Finding Mr. Bright

Where Purchased: Amazon.com

Product Description: A sampler of four popular benefit face-products. It includes the following: Girl Meets Pearl (all-over face pearl; gives a glow without being "shiny" or "sparkly"), Posie Tint (liquid cheek and lip stain; works best on pale skin), High Beam (face highlighter; when used right, it pairs nicely with Girl Meets Pearl), and Erase Paste in 02 (concealer; works best with medium skin tones).

Gives a soft, dewy glow and a light pink flush. Great face makeup to pair with dramatic anime eyes or lips. It does not fade away easily, and lasts all day. Does not feel heavy at all.

Cons: I'm halfway between pale and medium, so the concealer is too dark, and the posie tint is a little on the lighter side for me. I find it odd that they paired these two products together, and think it would have been better to pair posie tint with erase paste in 01.

The erase paste creases under eyes if no primer is used.

Overall Rating: 9