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02-14-2004, 10:59 AM
i always told myself if there's one thing i'd never do in the forums, it would be to start a RollCall thread...

...and i so did it >>;;;

anywho!! a group of my friends and i are doing Ragnarok Online costumes for A-Kon, any chance there are others doing the same??

02-17-2004, 09:27 PM
I might bring my female thief costume with me if I get around to fixing it up. The male mage costume I made for my freind should be there, though.

04-08-2004, 12:10 AM
I'll be going to A-Kon as my swordy. ^_^ I sincerely doubt I'll have my armour finished, though...

04-08-2004, 02:32 AM
a swordie!!! and a mage!! and maybeathief!! WUAHA!!!

*excited excited* hopefully, we should have a rogue/assassin (she's not too sure which -_-), a wizard, an aco, and a kafra as well~

photo! shoot!

04-16-2004, 11:30 PM
Yes! A general meeting would be wonderful~ XD I'm very new to cosplaying, heh~

Oh, and if I manage to get fabric soon, my friend will be going as a Munak. ^__^=

04-20-2004, 01:54 PM
Hmm...I was planning on only wearing my Itachi costuem, but I can bring my blacksmith costume along and wear it for a bit. It's not much, but it works.

04-20-2004, 03:57 PM
hmm... exclave, you wouldn't happen to be the blacksmith from the past ushicon and animefest would you~?

04-23-2004, 08:42 PM
That would be me! As far as I know, I'm the only one that goes by Exclave, so whenever you see it, it is probably me. :bigtu:

04-24-2004, 02:11 AM
XD blacksmith guy!!!!! hi!!!


04-24-2004, 10:22 PM
Yeah, I never did get around to making my cart and backpack. My blacksmith costume getting completely finished kinda got put on the back-burner now that I have my Itachi costume to work on.

By the way, did you play on iRO? If so, what server?
I was on iRO: Sakray server
Character names: Exclave (assassin - 4th lvl 99), Dios, Temp Merchant (wasn't so temp :crylaugh: )

05-19-2004, 02:00 PM
XD I played on Chaos before I stopped bothering to pay~ I had momoiro (huntress) and roseclaire (blacksmith)~

*bumps thread*

because i'm angry at my huntress outfit so far *throws pattern across the room* and because i'm also not as tan as i wanted to be (too many cold days! >:O ) then i'm just going to go as a merchant instead~

so prepare to get tackled, mister 2-1 job!!! >:O xDDDD

05-25-2004, 03:53 PM
Just thought I'd stick this here for you Accela.
it's a private server that I've been playing on for a while. It's pretty fun if you're interested.

05-25-2004, 04:22 PM
::kills exclave with a blacksmith hammer::

05-26-2004, 11:53 AM
hmmm, that private server looks interesting... the private server i'm (sort of) on now, is like.. dying... (http://rofantasy.one.pl) so i'll check this place out~ and..

*double strafes you both down!* XD