View Full Version : Reservation at Atlanta Hilton Airport available

08-21-2012, 06:26 PM
I had a reservation at the Hilton Atlanta Airport but now I donít need it because I found another place to stay. I payed for the first night of the stay and just found out that it is nonrefundable.

Although I canít get my money back I CAN transfer the reservation to someone else who needs it. I only need that person or party to pay me back for the first night.


Arrival: August 30, 2012 (Check-in at 3:00pm)

Departure: Tuesday, 04 Sep 2012 (Check-out at 12:00pm) (You can probably have the last day dropped if you do not need it, we had it reserved to allow time for travel)

The total cost of the stay is $778.90, though it may be more if you pay for other amenities. The down payment I paid is $145.06, therefore you would be paying that much to me and $633.84 when you check out.

Hotel will have a special shuttle to Dragon Con three times a day. Attendees may also use the hotel airport shuttle to take Marta to the convention at any hour.


If interested the best way to contact me is by email (sarahpseekins@gmail.com)