View Full Version : Making ribbon trim

08-23-2012, 10:30 AM
Has anybody here found good resources for how to make trim out of ribbon? I'm not looking for any specific period, just for techniques that manipulate ribbon or ribbon-shaped strips of fabric into fancy strands (beyond the pleated/gathered basics).

By way of example, and because they're awesome, Kenneth King has written multiple excellent tutorials for Threads magazine on replicating and expanding on antique ribbon trims. Dig.

Hairpin Lace (http://www.threadsmagazine.com/item/26167/how-to-make-hairpin-lace)
Tweaked Pleats (http://www.threadsmagazine.com/item/25602/how-to-make-a-lovely-pleated-ribbon-trim)
Fluted Scallops (http://www.threadsmagazine.com/item/22717/how-to-make-ribbon-trim) (this one looks super-rococo with wide ribbon)

I know there's so much more out there, though. Help me out?

Ororo Monroe
09-17-2012, 10:11 AM
All I can suggest is books on trimming bonnets and they like. Try ones by Heidi Marsh. She collects bits from out of Godey's, Patterson's and the like.