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10-05-2012, 04:29 PM
So after considering a lot of possible different costumes to make (mainly for Halloween, but with application elsewhere), I settled on the Black Mesa security guard mainly because it hasn't really been done before. At least not to my satisfaction ;).

Anyways, I have most of the parts that I'll need on order, and have some of them already. My pants came, but instead of getting navy blue, I received black, so I'll be exchanging those. For the vest, I bought a basic plate carrier vest that I will be modifying and adding the actual hard armor pieces to. For the hard parts of the costume, I'm constructing them myself with Pepakura and a high(er) poly security model for gmod.
But enough of that, on to the pictures!

For reference:

Helmet dome finished:

Bottom part finished:

Bottom part fiberglassed:

The two parts put together:

The top is not fiberglassed yet as I need to clean up the bottom part first. It was my first time fiberglassing so I've learned a few things for next time. The whole album is here (http://s1307.beta.photobucket.com/user/Hoho5000/library/Black%20Mesa%20Security). I'll post more pics as I progress.

10-11-2012, 12:14 AM
Just a quick update, I'm sending my pants back tomorrow for the correct color. Also, my shirt and vest arrived. The vest will need a little modification, not only to attach the actual hard armor parts, but also to change the shape. It's much too wide at the bottom, so I'll have to trim that part off.

Now, for the helmet progress :dunce:. I got the rim portion fiberglassed and cleaned up, but I somehow managed to skew the dimensions during the fiberglassing process. After test fitting it, I've determined that it is much too big for my head. As a result, I've decided to completely remake the helmet with a slightly smaller scale. It's a little on the small side this time, but with a little sanding to curve the edges of the polygons, it should fit quite nicely. I triple checked the dimensions against the specs before, during, and after the initial fiberglass attempt and everything looks like it's within a few millimeters. I just need to add another layer, and clean it up, and test fit it before I start working on the dome, and then attaching the pieces. I'm sorry I don't have any pictures. I'll take some, and then update the thread on Friday or Saturday with my progress thus far.

Only 21 days to Halloween!