View Full Version : Gravitation Group Picture!!

02-21-2004, 12:32 PM
Hey everyone! JJ/Shuichi here!
ok gravi ppls i gots some bad news.... *sniffles* i can't go to anime boston on saturday or sunday! *cries*
BUT! i can go friday (woot woot) and because of this stupid thing i only can get a castle pass but lucky for me you can still go into the hotel... just can't go to any events eheheheh.... ok well anywho i know alot of you were planning on just going as gravi ppls on saturday but would it be posible for you to change into your gravi cosplays for a little while on friday?
ok i was thinking on friday we will all meet in the Main Lobby of the hotel at sometime before 7 (leaving around 7 that night) but we all can discuss the time that we all want to meet cuz i know some of you wont be arriving till late... or will be leaving early or w/e.....
ok well i think thats all for now... let me know if you all can make it to this photo shoot.. and make sure to bring lots of camreas ^^