View Full Version : Falling Skies Cosplay

10-15-2012, 09:59 AM
Okie dokie friends!

I'm starting out on my Falling Skies costume for a con coming up on the 26-29th. Anyone else tackling this fandom?

I'm pretty pumped for it, not going to lie. I'm making myself a harness, it'll be my first time doing a prop-based costume for a con so the nervousness is there. I've already got myself a sweet old army coat that I modded to have 2nd Mass patches on. I bought some new black contacts for another costume (but I don't have time to make that costume unfortunately), so I may put those in for extra creep-factor, even though the costume doesn't really call for it.

I'm going for an original character, sort of Karen-like though (but I don't want to go full bleach blonde hair haha). The biggest part of the costume is the Harness. I've never made something without a tutorial or some sort of direction before, so yikes! But it'll be fun. I want to make it glow and everything. Wish me luck!