View Full Version : Avengers! Assemble! ~ Dallas, Texas Afest 2013

10-16-2012, 11:40 PM
Hello everyone!
I made this thread because I do not have many friends into cosplaying, well I do, but most of them do not have the time or money to go to the cons (or they just don't want to be in my cosplay group sob sob)
Anywhozer, I'm going to be starting up an Avengers Cosplay group with, hopefully, a photoshoot included for AnimeFest 2013.

Now we don't really want to have any duplicates, so that's sort of the purpose of this thread.
I am going as Tony Stark (In his black sabbath shirt, arc reactor[i'm making it myself], and if there is a ball again next year I will have a semi formal button up shirt not buttoned all the way, his usual dress pants and dress shoes.)
I am a pretty serious cosplayer so to me, detail is everything.
I'm looking to cosplay with people who are serious about their props and overall outfit.
I'm OCD and a perfectionist sadly.

So as of now the following characters are available for our group (My friend is not sure who she will be going as yet) :
Captain America
Black Widow
Nick Fury
Clint Barton
Might be available:
Pepper Potts (I wouldn't bet on this one as i'm pretty sure my friend wishes to be Pepper.)
Bruce Banner (Another friend of mine is contemplating doing half of her face/body Banner and half the hulk. I will come back and update this as soon as I know what she wishes to do)

I'll update this thread from time to time before 2012 is over. My goal is to get a good sturdy group before we enter 2013 so everyone has time to construct their costumes/props and everything.

Crossplays are gladly welcome.

I hope we get some takers out there!
Thanks for reading!