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10-22-2012, 08:51 PM
Hi! I'm new here and I'm starting to cosplay. I was looking for a wig and found this site that sells them at a really good price, so I was wondering if somebody has ever bought from them? http://www.cosplayc.com/ (http://www.cosplayc.com/)

I don't really like ordering from ebay because they're more expensive and they tend to buy from this kind of sellers directly anyways. Thanks!

10-25-2012, 10:17 PM
I've never heard of them before, but after looking around their site, I can't say I trust them much. If you click the product inquiry link, you're taken to a page that opens with this:

"When you browsing shopofweddingdress.com to choose the product you are interested in, if you have any questions about our system, the products and your orders, you can fill out the Contact Us form to send out your product inquiry information to our Customer Service Department. "

There's no reason they should have another site's name there, and if you try to access that site, it no longer works. It seems like it was one of those knock off wedding dress sites, which are fairly well known for being awful.

Looking at their return/exchange policy, it seems fairly shady as well.

"Can I return and exchange items?

Since all wigs and costumes are made to order (manufacturers start making your the products at time of order, they do not keep inventory of any products). We can not accept any returns, exchanges or issue refunds. Therefore, it is the customer’s responsibility to order the right size, color, style since all sales are final."

I'd suggest steering clear of them if possible, since it doesn't look like anyone knows much about them.

01-28-2013, 09:30 PM
?OH, I don't heard it before

01-29-2013, 01:15 AM
I've never heard of the site before, and frankly the prices and their information in general seems a bit shady to actually trust. And I agree with you, I don't like buying from Ebay either. The rule usually is if you can't find common reviews on the store to steer clear of it, because you might be looking at either a scam or a website that is ripping off pictures from other wig selling sites and will skimp you for their actual quality.

If you are looking for a reliable wig store I actually buy my stuff from FM-Anime. I can personally recommend them for their service and also for their quality since I've bought from them quite a few times. [And they prestyle the stuff which is always a plus.] Other than that the only other wig site that comes to mind is Arda Wigs which people swear by, although I haven't because their stuff is more on the spendy side.

01-29-2013, 03:20 PM
Like Monocle_Complex said, Fm-anime has really nice wigs, but I suggest ordering at least a few months in advance as their processing/shipping may take a while depending on when you order. You could also try thefivewits.net. They are located in the US, have nice quality wigs, and it only takes a few days to receive your order.

02-16-2013, 09:21 AM
I own a wig from Cosplay-C (this one (http://www.cosplayc.com/product-480.html), in particular) and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about it! It comes exactly as pictured, the fibers are really nice and smooth but not too shiny, and it's just a nice, wearable wig overall. :D