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10-25-2012, 07:17 PM
I've been making a not-as-period-accurate-as-I-would-like viking outfit lately, mainly for Halloween stuff. The only fabric I had was leftover from an Assassin costume I made last year. Earlier in the week, I put it on, and I looked at it for a moment, and the idea came to me. What if the Assassin order had reached Scandinavia? It stands to reason that it did?
With that running through my head, more and more clicked together. The tunics are already long, baggy, and provide freedom of movement. And the beak on the hoods? Easily resembled by a noseguard on a helmet. An insignia could easily be painted on a shield, or more subtly placed on a belt buckled or something.
Thinking about ancient Scandinavian Assassins got me thinking about other alternatives. We already have a pirate-ish Assassin, Avangeline, I think the name is. What about other out of the ordinaries? A samurai-Assassin, for instance. Or perhaps an early Renaissance knight-Assassin. How much a stretch of the imagination is required to see these work?

General discussion of out-of-the-mold Assassins. Also, images of Viking-Assassin will be put up, if anyone would care to see

11-02-2012, 10:07 AM
Late reply, as halloween was earlier this week, but if you did this, it sounds like a great idea. No reason at all that there weren't Scandinavian assassins. They just probably weren't Desmond's ancestors, and therefore didn't feature in the game. But it was a global brotherhood, so why not?

Have any pictures?