View Full Version : Sudbury Cosplay Meetup - The Hobbit

11-08-2012, 10:29 AM
It's time to get out of the hobbit hole and go on an adventure! Mark your calendars wizards, hobbit, gollum creatures, elves, human, orcs and off course little hobbits because we will be celebrating December 14th in grand style.

I invite all of you to the celebration of the official release of The Hobbit here in Sudbury! We invite all of you to dress up in your finest LOTR/Hobbit/Tolkien creation and come to an evening of fun and laughter. We will make this a dinner and a movie event! At the moment the exact time will not be known but I suggest you book the date off and start working on your costume!

Date? Friday December 14th
Time? Unknown
Attire? Creatures of Middle Earth only!
Where? Montana & Cineplex

Full details will become available once the date approaches. Please do not mark at 'attending' unless your firmly plan on coming. The number will let me know how many people will be coming to the dinner portion of the evening. I have chosen Montana's as it is the closet restaurant to the movies. I might change details if needed. This event is public so feel free to invite friends

PLEASE JOIN THE FACEBOOK EVENT TO RSVP http://www.facebook.com/events/541647239195280/