View Full Version : Looking for Panty & Stocking- Panty

11-11-2012, 09:24 AM
Hey guys Im leaving this cosplay group that I got asked to be in I need to find a Panty to replace me before I tell them just to be fair. I feel bad for leaving it we had it planned for a while I just feel like I have lots of other ideas and plans I want to do Im also not into being committed to a group. (its the angel outfit) My friend already has her Stocking thats why I feel bad. Thanks in advance if anyone is willing its for Saturday Ill give you my friends contact info if anyone knows anyone or anyone here wants to do it. . We also already have the Panty wig its pretty good my friend has both wigs. (we have the whole group- Brief and others)

PS: sorry this was for the Anime North section if someone could move it thanks.