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Paul Soth
02-27-2004, 12:50 AM
So we can start plans early, here's a list of local cons off the top of my head...

CapCon (http://www.mgaosu.org/capcon.html)
May 14-16, OSU Union

Marcon (http://marcon.org)
May 28-30, Hyatt Regency
Open Science Fiction/Fantasy

Origins (http://www.originsgames.com/)
June 24-27, Greater Columbus Convention Center
Industry Wide Gaming

Midwest Construction (http://www.midfan.org/mwc.html)
September 17-19, Columbus Northwest Drury Suites
Convention and Event Planning

Buckeye Game Fest (http://www.buckeyeboardgamers.org/buckeyegamefest.htm)
September 23-26, Radisson Worthington

Context (http://www.contextcon.com/contexthome.htm)
October 1-3, Ramada Plaza
Science Fiction/Fantasy Literature

Mid-Ohio-Con (http://www.midohiocon.com/)
November 27-28
Comic Books

03-17-2004, 10:22 PM
Ok, although I already posted this, here goes for those NW Ohio folks... PS- this thread rocks!


Animarathon is just a couple of months away. It will be April 17, 2004 in Bowling Green, Ohio. Below is information about the event.

The event will take place at Bowling Green State University in the newly built Bowen-Thompson Student Union. We currently have 5 rooms booked and if everything goes well that number maybe doubled.

The event is on April 17, 2004 and will run from 10 AM - 12 AM.

The event is run by Anime in Northwest Ohio, the official anime club at Bowling Green State University.

This will be the second year ANO will be hosting Animarathon. Last year the event drew in around 250 people. This isn't bad since the event planning really only started a few months before the event and marketing was overall pretty poor. This year's event is a lot more organized. By the time the event takes place, there will be over one-year worth of planning behind the event. We also have a much better marketing plan for this year's event. We are hoping all of this leads to a large # of attendees and a fun event for everyone.

We have 2 full video rooms and will also be showing videos in at least 2, maybe 3 other rooms. Other events planned are guest panels, fan parodies, an event similar to Anime Hell (but with an ANO twist), and much more.

Dealers/Artist Alley
We also are going to have a dealer's room and artists' alley. Tables are free to anyone who wants one. Not only are the tables free but the vendor does not have to give any of its revenue to the club. If you are interested in getting a table you can contact me at: jaferro@bgnet.bgsu.edu. Please include information about the type of materials you will be selling.

We are also looking for people who are interested in running anime/manga/Japanese culture themed panels. If you are interested you can contact me at jaferro@bgnet.bgsu.edu. Please include information about the topic of the panel and if possible some qualifications.

April 17, 2004 - Animarathon - The biggest and best, free, one-day anime event. Guest panels, music video contest, cosplay contest, a huge raffle, and much, much more.