View Full Version : Quistis Trepe and Allen Schezar critique?

02-27-2004, 03:06 PM
Heyo people. Well as most people know, Florida's cosplay season is coming up and I'm currently making new costumes, but before I really starts on those I'm thinking about maybe spiffy up my Allen and Quistis costumes. Any suggestions? Whatcha think? I wore them at Otakon 2003 ^_^;; I don't think I've gotten as many marriage proposals as when I wore the Quistis one XD! My ego inflated.



Lots of pics from different angles. I don't have Allen's bulky necklace so.. that's really the only thing I'm missing. I'm not too happy with his belts, I'm gonna have to make those from fabric I think, but other than that, any thoughts? Hee Sankyuu.

02-28-2004, 02:48 AM
Ah, movie-Allen...

Have you considered binding when you cosplay Allen? (My bad if you're already doing it, but it looked from those first 2 pics like there was some girlishness to Allen's manly chest...)

Also you might want to consider wearing the waist belts a bit looser / lower; higher looks more like a girl's waist position, and can emphasize the butt.

Otherwise, looks good - lucky you that you have the hair! ^^

02-28-2004, 10:55 AM
*grin* oh the boobs were bound.... Yes.. *looks down* ... they like to make appearances. *grin* I wrapped 'em with ace bandage but they still sorta poofed out, I'm going to try a smaller sports bra next time.

And with the jacket, I tried making it look looser, but it looked as if the jacket did not fit me. So.... ^_^;;;; it's one of those things that I'll have to deal with, Maybe work with weights and bulk up a bit. XD

And sankyuu! *grin* And the reason the costume was chosen was so I wouldn't have to wear a wig. >_> *grins* Sanks again

02-28-2004, 05:28 PM
Your Quistis looks really good! I like how you got the pieced together look on the skirt. Not many Quistis cosplayers do that. The only thing is, her outift is a bit more on the pinkish-salmon color, than light melonly... but it's okay. =) I think it looks awesome and very accurate!

02-28-2004, 05:36 PM
Yeah I know it's more pinkish than orange, but this is actually "melon" believe it or not. All the other darker oranges were just too harsh and tacky looking. So it was this or nothing. ^^;;; But sankyu. What I did with the skirt and top was just I took puple thread that I used for the sleeves and sewed lines on them. Looks like I pieced it together. *sneaky grin* mweheh and yeah I noticed that too... a lot of cosplayers don't do that and with the little frint jingle metal thingys, they ususally have them going all the way around the outfit when they hang just in the front. I'm not sure if you can see mine.. the belt kind of covers it up. x_x but Sankyuu!!

Maester Seymour
02-28-2004, 09:31 PM
aaaaah! QUISTIS! ::TREPIE:: I love quistis, you rock totally for cosplaying her. ::Runs around obsessing over quistis:: lol. ~~John

02-28-2004, 10:12 PM
You make a very cute Quistis ^_^ I like how you made her outfit, looks alot like hers. I'm not quite sure who this Allen is but I think you did a good job with his outfit too!

02-29-2004, 07:58 PM
Your Quistis outfit is almost perfect. Just try getting some fake glasses to go with it when you cosplay here next. Or go to your local drug store and pop the lenses out of the reading glasses. As for th Allen cosplay, see if you can loosen it up a little bit. The outfit clings a little too much to your femine features.

02-29-2004, 08:20 PM
From what I've seen in the ending clips of Quistis in her outfit, she doesn't wear the glasses. I would have worn them, but if you look at her closely in the movie, she's not wearing any. ^^;;

And it seems with Allen I can only get rid of my butt and bind my boobs better. The jacket swallows be if it's any looser, but it's something to work on. ^^;; sankyuu!

02-29-2004, 11:08 PM
Has Allen's jacket got shoulder pads? Shoulder pads (which might make you look a bit "big shouldered" for a girl but normal for a boy) often help with "jacket looseness", I find, and balance out the hip/ butt area more to boy proportions. (And if Allen looks like he has shoulder pads in his original jacket *haven't seen the movie in a while*, then you'd need them a bit thicker too)

Xanthe Kelsylva
04-07-2004, 07:16 PM
Do you want me to be brutally honest about the Quistis costume (because this is coming from someone who's worked with a professional designer)?

The arm holes on that costume do not look like they fit right, judging from the pictures. It looks like they gap in the back. That should have been taken care of before the costume was ever made. However, I would suggest putting darts in to make it fit better. Other than that, it looks perfect.

04-10-2004, 11:19 PM
Weee ::jumps around all happy like:: I ADORE your Allen, it's such a great costume!! This is another ones of those instances where I kick myself in the head for messing with the dealers room at Otakon when I could have been taking pics of great costumes like yours!! Anyway, you really should get that necklace, it would give your outfit another really nice demension.
I also really like your Quistis too, the colors are almost dead on, not to mention you look like her too. Two thumbs up on both of them from me ^-^V

04-10-2004, 11:25 PM
Awwww thank you!!! *blushes like crazy* Alas I wanted to make the necklace but I'm still sorta... Toying with how to make it. But he's not really complete I want to redo the belts, see if I can modify the jacket to hide my womanly curves and make the necklace and all that jazz. But thank you so much. ^___^ Quistis will be back at Otakon 2004 but saddly there isn't too much life in the Escaflowne photoshoot and I'm up to 4 costumes already. ;.; But he will be completed one of these days. But thank you so much.

04-25-2004, 12:08 PM
The Quistis is really good. I like it. I thought the material was darker than what you're wearing, but it's all good. And I don't know the Allen person you're cosplaying as in the second set of pictures.

04-25-2004, 04:16 PM
i guess the colour for quistis is off?

maybe u should have dyed fabric for the correct colour...?

i have to agree that the arm holes look a little saggy...they should be more fitted.

i like your hair though.. *in awe* really beautiful :D

04-25-2004, 06:04 PM
I love how they came out. I love your whip from your Quistis costume! heehee. Allen is one of my fav. characters so hooray for you that you cosplayed him! ^_^

04-25-2004, 08:59 PM
I <3 Quistis!!!! You really did her a justice with this costume! Although I must agree the color is a bit off! And your hair is very 'Quistisy' but in the first picture it seemed that you had more hair in the front hanging down than you did up!!! Congratulations on a job well done :D <3333333333333333333333 :dance: