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12-12-2012, 08:46 PM
Name of Product: Ezio Auditore Black Version Cosplay
Where Purchased: EZcosplay
Product Description: Shirt, Jacket, Pants, Belt, Gloves, Cape, Boots Cover.
Pros: Pretty fair cosplay for the price. Quick tailoring and shipping.
Cons: If you don't speak a lick of Chinese you're pretty much out of luck if you need to contact them. Also god awful shipping [almost didn't receive product due to poor shipping service.] Shady review system on their website. All reviews must be approved by them first so they can keep people from seeing their negative reviews which would be more helpful to buyers.

Overall Rating: 7. Would suggest looking into other more legitimate cosplay sites if you have the option.


Detailed Review:

I ran into a couple reservations actually when buying this cosplay. One being that I have never purchased from EZcosplay before and nor had I heard the name of the company prior, and then when I went looking for reviews outside of their website my searches came out for lack of a better word-- dry. Not many people had much to say about the company, other than there being a wide worry of the legitimacy of their services. And their Facebook page, although nice wasn't exactly a reliable representation of their business [most of the pictures of the cosplays on there aren't even of their own, so you don't know if what you're going to get is a hit or a miss.]

Hopefully to anyone else that may look up EZcosplay reviews on Google or Cosplay.com they will find this and hopefully it will at least answer some questions.

So to the curious and budgeted cosplayer here is what I think is an honest and detailed review what I've deduced from the cosplay sent to me.

Let me first start out by saying I got this cosplay for a rather cheap price, which EZcosplay seems known for in the way of relatively good pricing. [It was around the $220.00 mark altogether that this came, this including custom sizing, tailoring and shipping.] So in comparison to other Assassin's Creed cosplays this really isn't that bad. Although I should point out unlike most other cosplay sites they charge you for custom tailoring whiles many other cosplays stores usually don't. They do it for free. So we should also keep in mind although this is quite a sum of money, it's still pretty cheap in comparison to other Assassin Creed cosplays, so I pretty much got what I expected from the price that I paid for it. They were very fast to tailor it and ship it however. Which was a very good plus.

I am rather familiar however to the worry of the legitimacy of cosplay products so I had actually contacted the company curiously wondering how accurately their cosplay was to their display picture. Someone named Jaco got back to me and it was quite obvious that they didn't speak a word of English and had probably used Babelfish to translate for them, because their response made no sense whatsoever.

You can see above the side by side comparison of their display picture versus the actual cosplay that came in the mail.

The reason I want to touch upon their display picture is because for the cosplay consumers out there, you're probably aware that the picture they show is pretty much the village bicycle of the cosplay purchasing world; this picture has been everywhere. So it's safe to say that not every site is going to make a cosplay as accurate to the display. And before it's asked yes I did order a custom size from them. I will leave you to decide how you feel about the accuracies of the cosplay.
Personally, I think it makes a good base, but I will need to do many things to this cosplay before it's actually a completed work.

I should also draw attention to the fact they use a mailing service called DHL. Allow me to elaborate how unimpressed I am with their services. A few days ago I was nearly in tears when I saw that my cosplay had arrived in the tracking. Only to find out that their delivery truck had sent my package to the wrong address but wouldn't state where. I had come to find out that the truck never even made it out to my house and that they had sent my package entirely to another location and dropped it off outside on someone's doorstep. Understandably I was crushed, and when I contacted their customer support they had more or less told me I was shit out of luck and there was nothing they could do. They were convinced that the package had been dropped off at my house and that was the end of that. Thanks to the man that received the package he actually came over and gave it to me. After looking online more about DHL I've found they are notorious for this kind of behavior. And if they do reach the right house and no one is home they are prone to giving the package to the neighbors instead.

So all in all I would not trust myself to that mail provider ever again. Or EZcosplay. I bought from them in a gamble to risk quality over pricing. The cosplay is pretty good. But if you can find yourself a better seller I would definitely suggest going with them for a cosplay so intricate.

Another thing I've found is that although EZCosplay gives you the option to review the item for the cosplay, it must get their approval first before it shows up with the other reviews. What does this mean? It means that they can reject showing more honest and any negative reviews against them so other people might not be getting the full and detailed picture of what they're looking at.

12-19-2012, 10:01 PM
This makes me... Kind of worried about my cosplay. .__.;
We ordered from them a little bit ago.. {Doesn't remember how long it's been. Maybe a three or four weeks.}
And honestly, I live in the middle of nowhere, and finding my house is a pain... I'm hoping they don't just leave my package out somewhere were we won't be able to find it... v_v

12-25-2012, 08:31 AM
This makes me... Kind of worried about my cosplay. .__.;
We ordered from them a little bit ago.. {Doesn't remember how long it's been. Maybe a three or four weeks.}
And honestly, I live in the middle of nowhere, and finding my house is a pain... I'm hoping they don't just leave my package out somewhere were we won't be able to find it... v_v

Eerrrgh. They really do need to do something about their shipping. It's ridiculous that their squeeze a penny method for shipping is just going to lose them customers in the process. Hopefully-- they will send it to the right place [the plus side is they at least have the decency to call you the day that they're going to be dropping it off at your house so you know what time to be around for them. If it gets there.]

Please feel free to add your own review when you get your cosplay if you want to. :)
By curiosity, what cosplay did you order?

01-23-2013, 02:47 PM
I was debating buying from them since they're the ONLY site that sells a costume I wanted, but after some image searches I can tell they stole the picture, and that's already not a good sign. After hearing about the shipping troubles and bad communication, that makes me not want to order from them even more...

But then again they are the ONLY ones who sell this costume. Do you think it's worth the trouble? :/

01-24-2013, 11:32 AM
There's other cosplay retail stores that sell a black Ezio Auditore cosplay, but they charge you a little bit more money than this site does. Given the option I wouldn't recommend going with this company, just because the costume style in general wasn't exactly accurate and their shipping and communication really wasn't worth it. However if you're on a budget and are willing to take a risk I'd say go for it.

Also I didn't add this before but I should have. I ended up having to wash this cosplay because it smelled overwhelmingly of motor oil. :|

If you are curious I searched the web from some other more trustworthy sites and found some better places that sell the black Ezio cosplay for you:

Cosplay Fu sells a black Ezio Cosplay for $249.89 right now, and they have an excellent reputation by other cosplayers who would swear by them. [I tried to link it but I guess Cosplay.com won't accept it as a link since there has been recent forum spam or something like that by this link.]

[I actually found someone that bought this from their site and their costume is VERY accurate and nicely done.]

02-10-2013, 11:45 AM
Here's a review of a costume I ordered from them. Make your own decisions...


02-21-2013, 02:00 PM
I just ordered a costume from there a few weeks ago. After reading this now im concerned about receiving the cosplay.

Although I dont really need top quality on the cosplay, seeing as it was cheap. and im ok with decent quality

02-26-2013, 06:12 PM
Here's a review of a costume I ordered from them. Make your own decisions...


Awful! I will admit, I laughed at the flowery showercap though. Thanks for the review, I will avoid them for sure!

06-04-2013, 02:19 PM
I was planning on ordering their Dust cosplay outfit from "Dust: An Elysian Tale" seeing as that is the only one out there that I have been able to find on the internet. However, the original cheap price threw me off, especially since I have bought other cosplay outfits in the past for about $90 or $100 dollars (of course sometimes more, but that's beside the point)

However, seeing both reviews here about the website...yeah, it quite worries me. I may just have to ask someone to help make the costume for me, but there's no way in hell this company is getting my hard-earned money.

02-24-2014, 11:37 AM
I placed a order and paid extra for express shipping to get to my house 3-5 days after the ordered I waited my 3-5 (working days) sill nothing I emailed them than they tell me it gonna be more than 10 days ..so I was like really mad now its been almost a moth , and im really pissed cause all i ordered was a wig,..there nothing you need to tailor about that. Correct me if im wrong I mean if that was the case they should have put that befor I ordered ..now im still waiting I keep emailing them I wrote them a very long and angry message cause for one I spent 30 dollars extra for shipping on top on what the wig cost which was $39.99 now they tell me there in delay in shipping blah blah blah that's crap..cause now ima miss to events cause I waited to long for them..and guess what im still waiting with nothing like, this is there fault, I should get my shipping money back..but kno..

02-24-2014, 08:57 PM
Hi Mirai_Nikki? By any chance did you order the wig during February? (It's totally their fault for not refunding you and telling you but During February is Chinese New year. So the all the chinese sellers don't work on those days, and after that they have to play catch up for all the order that was ordered before than. After that, is that they can get started on your order.

Still if that was the reason, then they still should have told you and refund you promptly instead of having you wait and then find out. not have to spend so much time and energy and money. Sorry for your experience.

03-20-2014, 03:18 PM
I actually understood everything about the new year sso I really wasn't bothered by that, but after it was over I still got nothing and I waited patiently , than... they tell me its gonna be 10 processing days after i emailed them, come march they tell me, oh where sorry it seems we have shipped your item to the wrong place, in a different state, I was highly pissed at that moment, they said there going to re shipped my item, and im still waiting the main thing im pissed about is yea they could have gave me a heads up, before hand so i wouldn't be getting as mad i paid more than what my item coast, express shipping it said 3-5 days,, its about to be April in like a week, i shouldn't have had to wait this long,..when they said they were reshipping my iteam it would be here in two week ill give them 3 days before i raise hell on them ,..that's when the 2 weeks are up, ..i mean i hope im not in the wrong i have waited long enough right ..they wont hear the end of me in till i get my shit, .. excuse my language