View Full Version : Review: EOS Candy Blue lenses

12-17-2012, 11:34 AM
Name of product: EOS Candy Blue circle lenses

Me wearing them (out of costume, sorry) -->

Where purchased: Pinky Paradise

Product description: Light blue lenses with a black ring around the outside; it appears bigger when you're wearing it than it does in the pictures, especially larger if you have smaller eyes to start out with. It has a gradient effect going into towards the center, which is nice, although if you have light eyes, it's a little flat, and if you have dark eyes, these are more likely to "tint" your eyes than make them look actually blue.

Pros: These are good if you're going for a super-natural very-light blue (i.e. Dick Grayson's eyes come to mind) and the black ring works best if you're cosplaying an animated character, as that's the one aspect of it that makes it not very natural. The enlargement effect isn't terribly in-your-face, which is a good thing, too, if you're using them for a cosplay that's not overly "cute." They were very easy to put in, which is a huge perk for me as I find that a lot of circle lenses are not "firm" enough initially and leads to them flopping around and flattening out against your finger instead of sticking to your eye; with these, that's not a problem. They're also fairly comfortable, although not lenses that you want to stretch your wear time on.

Cons: My eyes are grey, and I honestly thought that the gradient effect would be a little more impressive. For light eyes, there's not a terribly smooth transition from blue to grey, and the colour ring is a medium-size, so if you were close enough, you could still see that my eyes are not actually blue. I would have to assume from other reviews that I've read and from pictures I've seen that these are more ideal for darker eyes, as the gradient effect is a lot more impressive on darker eyes, but you will be able to tell that your eyes aren't blue in this case as well, so either of these things could be a pro or a con depending on what you wanted. The only comfort complaint I had was that, rarely albeit still sometimes, you'll actually catch a glimpse of the black ring. It's not overly frustrating, but it does feel a bit odd more than looking odd.

Overall rating: 6. They're definitely not the 100% most comfortable lenses, and the gradient effect flopping on me was a little bit of a let-down, although the part that is blue is a nice shade, so I can't complain. Though, if I had the option of buying them again, I don't think I would.