View Full Version : ornate setting in Denver CO for vampire hunter D photoshoot

01-03-2013, 01:07 AM
I am looking for a good place to do a photoshoot for a vampire hunter D cosplay of mine. i want serious and good photos with a fitting settings. the character is Carmilla from vampire hunter D http://www.feoamante.com/Movies/Vampires/images/Vamp_D_2000/vhd2000-07.jpg
so basically i am in need of an ornate gothic like setting.
mainly i would love a staircase that is fitting something similar to this staircase of the paris opera house...but im nto an idiot. i know Denver is not paris, so anything similar in shape would work haha

anyone know of some places i could use?...not necessarily IN denver...but maybe within a 4 hour drive of denver?...furthest i will drive is vegas...but that is pushing it lol (i live in grand junction btw for location reference)

01-20-2013, 04:03 AM
Looking around, I was able to find a couple places that might work-
Bishop Castle:http://curiousexpeditions.org/wp-content/uploads/2007/11/163550580_25eef4352e.jpg
It has an old but fancy-looking feel to it, and I'm sure it has a couple staircases inside :P
There's also St Mary Cathedral in Colorado Springs, too:
I've seen the outside driving by it and it look very photo worthy :) You would probably have to get permission to take photos from the inside first, though.