View Full Version : Warning: Pidge/pezzidge

01-11-2013, 02:25 AM
so long story short, I ordered a costume from Pidge (pezzidge (http://www.pezzidge.deviantart.com/) on deviantart) $140 that I should have gotten in September for a con deadline. It never came.

She ďdidnít get my emailsĒ and cut off contact for a couple months. But I eventually got hold of her by other means. She supposedly messed it up and had to send it late by Halloween. but guess what! It never arrived before halloween. So it supposedly got lost in the mail but guess what! It suddenly arrived on her doorstep just before she was supposed to give me a refund. and she was going to send it soon then, around thanksgiving BUT I never heard back from her again.

It is now almost mid-January. I started contact with her about the commission in April or May. I am still costumeless. I was too trusting and though too highly over others and now itís too late for me to get my money back through paypal. I was stupid, but if I can't get my money back, at least someone can learn from my mistakes and stay away from her.