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Ranger Skip
01-20-2013, 01:10 AM
Hello everybody, I am as novice to all this as one can possibly be. So if this isn't the right place or something, sorry ahead of time.

I have a motorcycle, and all the appropriate motorcycle gear, helmet, jacket, boots, gloves. What I want to do is add a layer on top of my existing gear to make it look like a storm trooper suit. For the helmet I would just get it painted. It's already white and in the event of me falling off the bike I'd be worried about my helmet snagging on something.

Here's where I'm looking for help. I'll post pictures of my gear if it would help. My helmet is all white and my jacket is all black. The pants could either be material over chaps or they could be the chaps themselves or I could just use a pair of pants.

Would it be easier to get a thinner jacket (the one I currently have is pretty thick, multiple layers so I can ride in the winter) also, what kind of jacket should I be looking for? Is what I have now good? I was thinking black jacket with patches of material in the shape of the armor over the top, or would it work better if it was a white jacket with material that looked like the patches that were in between the pieces of armor?

Ron Jr
01-21-2013, 05:50 PM