View Full Version : That Yellow Bastard (Sin City)

01-30-2013, 05:00 AM
Here are a two pictures of me cosplaying the detestable 'Roark Jr.' (AKA "That Yellow Bastard") from the Sin City graphic novels and film.


I used yellow face paint for my face, but opted to keep the paint use to a minimum, so I used a bald-cap for my scalp (painted yellow days earlier) and a yellow morph suit for the body.
I also painted a clown nose yellow and used markers to draw his chest hair, navel, etc. on the morph suit. I wore regular boxer shorts to match his dress later in the novels/film when he is whipping the 19 year old Nancy.

For props I bought a whip online and unfortunately had to settle for a toy cleaver, rather than the hunting knife he used, since toy stores tend not to stock realistic knives these days.

The costume went really well, but people were VERY creeped out and most didn't know the character.