View Full Version : Buying a Base Costume For Ezio

02-09-2013, 12:18 PM
My boyfriend and I want to cosplay Ezio Auditore, I in a female version, he in the traditional Assassin White version.
I've been out of the cosplay world for a couple of years, off making my own from scratch, but want to buy two base costumes to work from instead of spending so much time working on everything from scratch (which I really don't feel up to doing)
From experience, having bought a costume or item from them, what are some websites that sell a decent quality base costume?
What I mean by base costume, is a whole costume, but may not match the best detail quality of the costume.
I know of www.cosplaymagic.com and www.cosplayhouse.com
I also know that Milano and lightinthebox and similar sites are bloody awful.
Any reccomendations? Thanks!
(For Otakon 2013 we think)