View Full Version : Has anyone heard of this store?

02-10-2013, 08:22 PM
As I was searching around the web I came across this cosplay shop called Cosplay Costumes Japan: http://www.costume-shop.jp/index.html

They seem to have really nice costumes and the quality of the costumes look exact to the actual character's reference. I am very tempted on buying a costume but I'm not sure as well.
Has anyone bought anything or heard anything about this site? :/

02-10-2013, 08:42 PM
They look pretty legit. I haven't used them (I've heard of them though), but they look like their own pics. The background seems the same for every pic and it seems they use the same pose for their form, giving them even more points here. I think they look like a good place to buy

02-11-2013, 08:36 AM
Haven't heard of this store earlier but they seem legit/good to me. :)

02-12-2013, 03:42 PM
I just found this store myself, never heard of it before, and I found a costume of a character I'd like to cosplay. They also have a FB page with even more costumes and references. They do look legit. I'm very, very tempted to give them a try myself.

FB page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cosplay-Costumes-Japan/117283284988648

02-12-2013, 07:48 PM
They don't have any prices listed...I wonder what these cosplays cost?

02-12-2013, 09:28 PM
i asked for a quote from them because i was curious. And i gave them a budget of 125 as a guess. And they told me they couldn't meet that budget. So, it sounds like they are expensive to buy from.

02-12-2013, 09:40 PM
Yeah, I asked them for a quote almost a year ago...just realized that's why the site looked familiar and my budget was $350...and they said they couldn't meet it as well...so I am guessing they are super expensive.

02-12-2013, 09:42 PM
Wow really geeze they sound way way too expensive i would never buy from them. how can anyone pay over 300 for something unless its some armored thing.

02-12-2013, 09:47 PM
Actually on their free quote form for custom made costumes, they have a section where you choose two options (Standard and Premium). Standard says (more than $500) and premium says (more than $800) so I'm assuming they are pretty dern expensive.

Esp when the section just under that asks, budget and the example is $900 <_<

02-12-2013, 11:43 PM
I knew there was a price range somewhere...I don't understand why everything is at least $500...that seems completely outrageous. Maybe their currency conversion is off? Lol.

02-12-2013, 11:48 PM
It's true that the yen to dollar conversion is awful, but even so... for such a price, the quality had better be at the levels of Cospatio or Cosrevo!

02-13-2013, 03:37 PM
....Well, that doesn't seem very hopeful. :/ I've just sent them an estimate myself, guess I'll see what happens? xD

02-15-2013, 05:47 AM
They ask 1380 dollars for a Zidane (FFIX) cosplay.

....Never mind. :'D "Ridiculous" doesn't even cut it.