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Anrui Ukimi
02-24-2013, 07:32 PM
I ended up taking a 4 year cosplay break due to moving to Japan, then coming back and being unable to find a job for some time. But now I'm dully employed again, which is lovely, and I've got tickets for AX already. :)

Why I'm contemplating Thorin to get back into the game, I don't know, but the one thing I DO know is that it's one of the few cosplays I can think of that I can use my own hair without dying my growing abundance of grey out. xDD


So, to get to the point:

I've seen several different goes at his brigandine, but I was curious of anyone else had any ideas? One excellent example used sculpey, but I was a bit worried about breakage...

His belt, baldric, and bracers/gauntlets are all clearly leather. If I feel like trying to work with leather to achieve these, what tools would I need to get? And where might I find decently priced dark blue moderately heavy leather?

Spirit gum and partial beards: I was thinking of doing a lighter more "feminine" bearded version, mainly based around the sideburns that I've seen on dwarf women concept art. Where would I go about finding the hair for this? Or should I just ask to keep some of my hair clippings when I get it cleaned up in a few months? I've never actually used spirit gum, so any advice would be much appreciated.

Orcrist. I would just go ahead and buy the UC version and hope the rumored scabbard comes to light in time, but I have a feeling AX wouldn't even let me take a piece bonded one in, am I right? xD Maybe if they DO make a scabbard, I can always just mock up the top part of the sword for the con....

I'm thinking I'm going to start buying stuff next weekend, I plan to do the velvet tunic and brigandine first, his furry overcoat is further down the list. I can be indoor Thorin if I run out of time (he shucks the coat on several occasions during the movie.)

After all this rambling, any suggestions would be much obliged. :) Thank you!

04-26-2013, 04:51 PM
Sculpy would probably work OK for the brigandine tiles, but I would worry about it coming out very heavy and very, very expensive. You might be better served going with a heat-form plastic sheeting of some sort and putting the pattern on it with puffy paint or hot glue. Or, you could look into light metal sheeting that can be shaped over a form, though I would be worried that this would get damaged and fold as you move around in the costume.

If you have a Tandy Leather near you, that would be a good place to see if you can find the leather in the right color. If they don't have it, you may need to get an uncolored hide and dye it yourself. The patterns in the belt and baldric leather are stamped in and the plates are riveted on. I would look into wet-forming and leather stamping. There are a lot of tutorials on line, so just google it.

Orcrist is a sexy, sexy weapon. But you're definitely not going to be able to tote a real one around, especially without a scabbard. I would look into making your own, probably using wood, paperclay and paint.