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02-24-2013, 11:32 PM
I am, and long have been, in love with the aesthetics of sword pistols. I'm talking about the old Baroque and Rococo era ones pirates and such carried, *not* Squall's sword from FFVIII.
You know. These guys:

Most of them hail from the relatively early era of firearms, and use flintlocks and such for the pistol portion.
However, I have been thinking it would be *really* f-bombing cool to make a set using revolvers (or revolver-like guns) and a long and short sword; sort of a D'Artagnan gone Jesse James aesthetic.
Thing is, of course, I have *no* idea how to even begin such a project. Had I access to a welding shop again, I might be able to make the sword-portions, but I currently do not.
Any suggestions?

Dictamnus Albus
03-01-2013, 03:15 PM
the game DarkWatch, had blades on all the guns for melee (possible design/image research)

personally the FF-gunblades are a bit overrated, but cool just the same

many of the "aesthetic" guns are leter openers or "no function props"

im not a fan of randomly pm'ing people, but the one person that comes to mind
as far as probably knowing about this is StabbityBlkMage

whom seems to be in the props/armor section allot
he has some very good monster hunter style stuff