View Full Version : anime matsuri zetsuen no tempest or K?

03-19-2013, 02:46 AM
ill be cosplaying 3 characters i would like to find some legit cosplayers to do some photos with and to just chill ill be cosplaying
mahiro-zetsuen no tempest
yata-from K
kirito-from SAO

but ill be doing prints as well so if you wouldn't mind helping me out i would love it hahaha like a legit asuna and a legit Saruhiko Fushimi for my yata girl or boy because i want to do some fan service shots (not actually kissing or anything) but really close and do it like everyone loves hahaha i would enjoy a few prints of those anywho! contact me on here or just message me on here if you would like to do this :D :angel: