View Full Version : She-Ra Princess Of Power

03-24-2013, 10:41 PM
This is my game plan for the next Ohayocon, as my Pokemon [that has yet to be decided. probably Squirtle or Togepi] will be easy peasy.

I was considering, as I am a large chested woman, to make the dress connect to my strapless bra, that has clear 'invisible' straps on them as well.

I have a pattern for a 'saloon girl' that I was considering using for the top, as it is pretty similar, shape wise, to She-Ra's top. Of course, i'll have to make a mock up to make sure it covers my chest well!

my main concern, is the gold wings/flower on her chest. i just want ideas for it, the belt is a bit easier to figure out, but i wasn't sure what the best option would be for the wings.


04-10-2013, 06:21 PM
I would try to make the flower thing as an applique right on the bodice of the outfit, with interfacing to stiffen it. Same with the wingy bits, and tuck them down behind the top of the bodice and sew them in place. Make the belt the same material.

Yes, your thread reminded me of what I should use for my avatar. Yes, my mother made it and it's cardboard and I was seven. I loved it. :love: