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03-15-2004, 10:02 PM
[written by Archangeli...]

Oh god. It's almost a year later and I've *finally* gotten my AN03 pics back. I've uploaded the one's I've resized so far into my gallery here:


If you're wondering why the hell it took so long... here's the story. We borrowed my bf's sister's super fabulous digicamera to take to the con. We used it, took many photos - hurray!

Then we had to give camera back to "sister of bf" who uploaded the pics onto her hard drive and promised to burn them onto a cd for us.

(background info - my bf see's his sister once every 2-3 months.... she also has a tendency to forget and lose things -_-" )

somehow, she misplaced the pics on her own hard drive.

luckily for me - she also uploaded them onto her own bf's laptop.

after my pressuring by me for my bf to get the damn pics back, he finally rang up his sister to see what had happened.

they were still lost on her hard drive AND her bf's laptop was fried.

to end this stupid story, he got a cd with the pics and sent me the "pretty" ones. i'm gonna get the whole disc tomorrow so that i can upload the rest.

AND ANIME NORTH 2004 IS 66 DAYS AWAY!! :jjacks:

03-15-2004, 10:51 PM
hehehe your counting down too I see :)

03-16-2004, 12:25 PM
Eeeep, 66 days. o.O

Well.. at least I've got one of 3 costumes done. I just sent away my order for a Rosiel wig.. I've registered for Artists Alley.. But.. I still have no supplies to make wings, and I don't have red pleather yet. Eep, stress. Oh well - I'll take it one costume at a time.

I can't quite say I'm even done 1 yet, because I'm trying to finish it today. So hopefully.. Next on my list - Rosiel. XD I can't wait for the wig to come. Its so pretty! At least once I get back to working on Rosiel's costume, it won't be too hard, just time consuming with all the trim. That stuff is a pain to sew on.