View Full Version : Cosplayers in Reno, NV?

04-11-2013, 01:27 AM
Hello and thank you for reading this thread,

I am looking to see if there are any cosplayers in Reno, NV who have a group I could possibly join or would like to start a group with me. I have always wanted to Cosplay but since I used to live in a fairly small town I never found anyone with similar interests so I am hoping to find others who have an interest in it!

I'd like mostly Anime based Cosplay but I can try other types as well! Let me know if you are in Reno and are interested!

Thank you!

07-08-2015, 08:48 PM

I am from around the Reno area and will be fully moving up to Reno sometime within the month of August. I don't belong to a group per say, a lot of my friends and I just cosplay and go to cons together but rarely do group cosplays together. But I would love to start a group with you. I am a 24 years old, I am a girl, my favorite animes are Angel Beats, Clannad, Gosick, Sailor Moon, Maid Sama, and Soul Eater. I love DC Villians and Marvel Heroes most. I play very few video games unless they are from my childhood. I have cosplayed Primula from Shuffle!, Daria from Daria, Rockabilly Batgirl, Rockabilly Fem Captain America. My newest cosplays I will be premiering in Aug. are Navi from Legend of Zelda, A kimono style Sailor Moon, BMO from Adventure time, and a Sally Skellington Ballgown.