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04-11-2013, 08:26 AM
So, lets skip back to early march 2013 *harp music and the scene around you goes wavy*

my sister got in contact with me, she had found a wig she liked for a final fantasy 13 cosplay, it was on a website we had never used before.... www.cosplayandwig.com

everything seemed fine with the site and they allowed paying with paypal, the only thing was they didn't require you to create a log in, and if I am honest this set off the alarm bells straight away, but I still went on and placed an order, i placed my order on the 8th of march 2013, the shipping info on the website states that it takes up to 3 business days for it to be shipped and then 7-10 days to arrive (that's in the UK by the way), move on 14 (business) days and its the 22nd of march, still no sign of the wig, we held on hoping it would arrive, and went on holiday on the 26th of march (my dad wasn't with us so there was still home so there was always someone there if the wig showed up) jump to us coming home and we are on the 3rd of April, and alas the wig had still not arrived, upset and beginning to worry i sent an email using the websites given address (info@cosplayandwig.com) and waited for a reply, i realised that i had sent the email on a Friday afternoon so certainly didn't expect a response within the listed 24 hours, and waited until Monday, nothing.... so on Wednesday i tried again, stating that if i didn't receive a response within 24 hours i would be opening disputes on paypal.... still nothing, so off i toddled onto paypals website and found the transaction, i found here a second email address this one a @hotmail.com email, so i sent one to that, if i am honest i don't expect a reply,

but i will keep you all updated on what happens next, i just wanted to make sure no one else fell into their trap

04-11-2013, 07:18 PM
Are you sure it might not just be sitting in customs? The wig is being shipped from Hong Kong, which is international shipping. I've shipped things from the US to the UK, and while it took less than 2 days to get to the UK itself, the packages then sit in customs anywhere from a few more days to several weeks.

Their website does give an estimated 7-10 days for international shipping to the UK, yes, but anyone who has actually shipped internationally knows that sometimes customs screws you over time-wise. If the company has any kind of tracking information on the package, ask for that - at the very least you should be able to verify that it has been shipped and is in transit. After that, it's up to customs. But if the company has no tracking number or didn't actually ship it yet, THEN it would be on them.

04-12-2013, 01:30 AM
The company is being very vague on the whole thing, i actually got two totally different replies yesterday from them (finally) the first said the wig was out of stock for the last few weeks which they should have told me, and it hadnt been shipped and they would send me a tracking number within 18 hours (still waiting but to be fair to them it hasnt been 18 hours yet) the other said they would check at the post office to see whats happening.... So i dont know if its been sent or not, according to my paypal it hasnt, with the tone of the emails i totally feel like they are messing me around and depending on the outcome of today im either going to wait it out and see what happens, but its cutting it short for the refund policy with paypal which is only 47 days) or just ask for a refund and find the wig elsewhere

04-12-2013, 07:17 PM
Well, then! If it's out of stock and they only just bothered to tell you now, then yes, you would be perfectly justified in getting a refund and looking for a better wig elsewhere.

International shipping is always a tough spot, especially when you have to get something that you absolutely can't get within your own country no matter what. It's unfortunate that so many Hong Kong-based business are extremely unreliable on top of being overseas.

04-13-2013, 01:04 AM
i totally agree with what your saying, ive been cosplaying for nearing on 6 years now and have had plenty of dealing with getting cosplay stuff from china/hong kong etc. but i guess i have been lucky as i have never had a problem when it comes to shipping with any of the things i have bought until now. my reasons behind my original post where just to warn others about the problems i have experienced while shopping with them.

their emails when you finally get a response are awfully vague and in my case two totally different responses to exactly the same email, its also sad that i only got a response out of them through threatening to go and dispute the sale with paypal involved.

the sad thing is this particular wig was the best one out of all the ones we had found, later yesterday they sent me an emal with litterly just a tracking number in, no info on which site to visit to use it, its lucky really i recognised the style of the number and therefore knew where to go for it to be usable.