View Full Version : MatchWigs Arrey Short Blue Wig review

Rose of Battle
04-20-2013, 04:53 PM
I bought a wig from MatchWigs (http://matchwigs.com/) not too long ago and thought people might want to know about it. The wig I bought was an Arrey Short Blue Wig (http://matchwigs.com/home/225-arrey-short-blue-wig-cosplay.html).

I first purchased the wig on Jan. 7 not knowing it was out of stock. The next day I received an email that the wig was out of stock and they had refunded my money. They offered other wigs I could buy that were similar, but I wanted that specific wig, so I asked them to let me know when it would be in stock again. On March 18, they told me it was back in stock, and I promptly sent in an order, and they promptly sent it out two days later. It reached my address on the 29th, but no one was around to sign for it, so it went back to the post office. I never saw the post office notices and had no idea where the package was. On April 16th, they sent me a message asking me if I had received my wig because they hadn't heard anything back from me about it, and they suggested I go to the post office ASAP because it was probably there. And it was! So that delay was completely on my end.

Pros: Excellent customer service, color is what was pictured on screen, cheap shipping options

Cons: The length of the wig was different than what was pictured, so I had to do more styling than I had anticipated, but it was no biggie.

Pictures (http://roseofbattle.tumblr.com/post/48469733540/arrey-short-blue-wig-from-matchwigs)