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03-21-2004, 12:09 PM
(I profusely apologize to anyone who's part of the following communities on livejournal: egl, gothiclolitas, texas_lolitas, and projectakon. I'm basically reposting what I reposted there, here, because I don't have the energy to type out everything alllll over again! And I figure the people who haven't been subjected to this yet would need the full version.)

The Area

First, let me just say, I spent part of yesterday driving around hotel and surrounding area, and it's beautiful. Across the street, there is a small park with lots of grass and beautiful, delicate trees. Within walking distance of the hotel is the art district. Notable spots I saw that would be perfect for Gothic Lolita photography is the statuary display on Flora street, which features many statues by the well-known artist, Rodin. Also, is the Crow Collection of Asian Art, and, across the street, there is a small planting of bamboo trees, with a walkway. A few blocks from that, and there is this small, gorgeous church with a gated courtyard. There's beautiful landscaping and architecture, and all over, downtown Dallas is just nearly perfect. And that's not even talking about the hotel, which is absolutely gorgeous, with marble floors, and lots of green and gold. It's just all around gorgeous.Also, for the more h. Naoto/Na+H/urban/less elegant fashions, Dallas also has many displays on brick walls of beautiful graffiti art. (all supported by the city, of course.)

I could go on all day about Dallas, LOL. If anyone wants any more detailed information about what sorts of things there are in downtown Dallas, within a decent distance of the hotel, you can email me, and feel free to ask questions. yuuyami@comcast.net

Anyway! On to the events!

This year, the Jpop room at A-kon is hosting two EGL/EGA events.

First, at some undisclosed time on Saturday afternoon, we will be holding a picnic! This was originally supposed to be a tea party, but due to issues with the hotel, we decided that removing the event from the hotel entirely would be the best thing.

There is a lovely little park across the street from the hotel. It's part of the East Transfer center for Dallas's public transportation, but do not worry! The bus terminals in Dallas are actually quite pretty, and not dirty or dingy looking at all. It's a nice, pretty little spot for a picnic, and very convenient, as you only have to cross a small street to get there.

I, however, need a host/ess. Sadly, the people that would be best to host this event from the usual A-kon Jpop room group will be unable to attend at all! So, I need someone, preferably from the Dallas area, who would be willing to serve as the host/ess for the event. I can't do it, I'm just arranging all of this on behalf of my friend. I don't even have an outfit to wear, nor do I think I will by the time a-kon rolls around.

Also, we need donations, either in the form of foodstuffs, or funding for the purchase of food stuffs. I will be setting up the details for this later, as the con approaches, as I will also be wanting to RSVP to get a headcount of how many people will be there. This event will probably be B.Y.O.B (bring your own basket! :D), because I don't think I have enough plates and silverware for everyone! :O And of course, people can get together and collaborate on baskets. Maybe we can even have a small contest for the best picnic basket. ^_^

Also, picnic blankets would be good. You could probably go to a fabric store and pick up a few yards of a cute checkered fabric, and make ground coverings. I do not know how damp this ground gets, so hopefully, it will not rain. (it is on a hill, so there should be decent drainage)

Addendum: I am going to post this on the other communities as soon as I work out how to RSVP, but I think we will be running a mini-contest for the cutest/best/most lolita picnic basket. I think it'll be a great inspiration, and it certainly fits with the theme. Any input on what we should offer for prizes?

If you are interested in acting as host/ess for this event, or in helping out in any way, please contact me at yuuyami@comcast.net

Probable time of event: 1pm, on Saturday afternoon.

EGL/EGA fashion show

Saturday night, in Silhouettes bar (aka, the Jpop room) we will be hosting A-kon's first ever EGL/EGA fashion show! The show will start at 11pm, and hopefully, we will have enough participants to run it for an hour.

Everyone is invited to attend, and we do encourage attendees to dress in the appropriate fashions.

We are seeking participants in the actual fashion show, however, because we are holding this show to not only show off the fashions, but also the skills of the models, we ask that all outfits be (mostly) handmade, preferably by the person wearing them. If you have a lot of outfits, and you would like to elect other people to model them, that is fine.

Due to the length of the show, and current lack of models, I would suggest planning on having at least two outfits to model. Styles can be anything that might be found within the pages of the Gothic Lolita Bible, so be creative!

If you are interested in participating as a model, please contact me at yuuyami@comcast.net
I will need, at some point, a picture of you, and a picture of your outfit. (It can be the same picture. :P) If the outfit is not yet completed, please feel free to contact me with a description of what sort of outfit (s) you plan to bring.

Also, any music suggestions? We will be compiling a CD to play in the background, so, if there's any songs you feel REALLY would work well for the fashion show, let us know! ^_^

Jpop Room Head of Staff, Project: A-kon XV
contact: yuuyami@comcast.net