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Miaka No Baka
03-28-2004, 12:28 PM
OK I'm bored so yeah ^_^; critique my dejiko. I'll add some links from eurobeat king's anime od photos.

Obvious things I need to fix are mainly the wig, I need to kinda tame it down a little more, I got it styled by a wig shop over on hollywood blvd and they did an ok job I think (not as perfect as I wanted but still pretty good, beats those normal bang wigs though!)

I wear the tail underneath the dress so it's kinda harder to see it in some of the pictures but I'll post the best ones I could find (as I didn't take any pics of it myself) and I chose not to put the ribbon on the tail as it's kinda not there in every picture, although I may want to add it...




ok let me know what you think.

Miaka no Baka

03-29-2004, 11:56 PM
You are one of the few people who have gotten the right poofiness of the skirts. Way too many dejikos look frumpy and saggy but yours is very fluffy and light the way it should be. The feet/boots look so squishy and soft and comfy and again are in scale with the poofiness of the rest of the costume. Cant wait to see the fixed wig =)

04-02-2004, 12:10 AM
I'm digging the poofiness of the petticoat, Wonderful! , and that is some big hair ^^;; no offence -nyo~ but it seems alittle dark, maybe it's just the pictures? *shrugs* I agree about fixing up the wig styling some... {styled on Hollywood blvd!?!? as in Thee Hollywood blvd?! o_o;; eep!! sounds expencive!! } and also, what did you use for the bells? they look good ^-^ And the tail thing~ I supose it all depends on which series/pictures you're looking at... I had mine come from under the bow of the apron {like from the 3 min eps} , but I saw your point with the pic that makes it look like its coming from under her skirt *shrugs* I supose it could work either way~~ and I also chose to leave off the Blue ribbon~ That's another choice that could go either way! You did an awesome job!! ^.^;; it looks like you spent alot of time on it! ^-^ Do you have a back view by any chance?

Miaka No Baka
04-02-2004, 01:08 AM
the wig is a little on the darker side but i think it's a little brighter than in those pics (i think it was the lighting or something... As far as a back picture I dont have any yet... I will post one soon the next con I'll be wearing it and i'll have someone snap one of my back ^_^; I think i have one that's not with everything on though... and I also found a better wig picture. the back image is on my dressform though. My apron bow is truly a very ingenious method. There's a little tube (aka the knot) sewn to the dress directly, the apron ties were sewn so they folded over into the loop part of the bow and I pull both ends of the apron through the knot and it's such a snug fit it holds it together perfectly and gives the ideal bow look ^_^

Miaka no Baka

04-02-2004, 01:53 AM
OOHHhh!! it turned out soo good! {even the back is right, many cosplayers don't even pay attention to her back} did it take long, and/or alot of money? do you have any ideas how you're gonna approach the wig yet? I'm not sure on your views, but maybe alittle chopping might help shape it more~~ But I can fully understand if you don't want to ^-^;;; ... and about the bow, so it's pre-made, and apron closes underneith? is that how it works? ^.^;; oh, it looks good either way~~

Miaka No Baka
04-02-2004, 02:42 AM
let me try to describe it better and i'll show u an image. Basically u know how the apron has the ties in the back right? Well I pulled it straight like say i was wrapping it around my waist and folded it back over to create the loop part that a bow is. I then sewed it down so there's a permanent loop and it shortens the tie of the apron. I then slip the bottom edge through this tube of fabric so I pull the left tie through to the right and the right tie through to the left, the tube is just the right width that it's so snug neither tie tries to slip out of the fabric tube and come off. The tube is what appears to be the knot of the bow the ties form the loop and dangly parts of the bow. It's a mock bow so to speak. I don't physically tie the ties of the apron into a bow.

You would never believe but that blue fabric I used on the dress... it was dollar a yard fabric from walmart. I saw it and was HOLY! MUST BUY! and I got extremely lucky as I needed 5 yards for the dress and there was exactly that on the bolt. The fabric isn't cheap looking at all it's got a nice smooth grain and isn't even see-through! The white fabric I paid like uhh 20 or 30 bucks for and the fur I paid 20 for. So this costume cost me like 55 bucks tops! XD I love cheap cosplay. The wig cost more than everything though >_< The wig was 45 and for them to style it, it was 25, so I paid 70 total for the wig, they did a good job on it as those bangs seriously do not budge much (it's all hairspraying though) they didn't listen to me though on how short I wanted the wig as I wanted it chin length and it's more of shoulder length. I am planning on cutting the length of the wig and trying to play around with the bangs a bit to get them to lay flatter and look better although I don't want to mess up their gravity defyingness too much ^_^;;;

As far as time sewing it went... Let's see the dress part took like 4 hours tops, the apron took way more as I had to pleat the sleevie thingies and getting them to be exactly equal took a bit of time ^_^; The feet were simple I used the baby's aristocats simplicity pattern and enlarged the pieces so my foot could fit it and I think the feet took maybe an hour each and that included me stuffing them and stitching up the holes where I stuffed through and doing the decorative "toe" stitching on them. The feet have non skid fabric on the bottom, got it at joanns for 3 bucks a yard =D so I can't slip while wearing them and the sole is pretty sturdy (not as sturdy as a shoe but good enough ^_^; ) The tail took a short time and the hat took an hour or two. I think overall I spent like 15-20 hours tops on sewing the costume (not all at one shot though I did this over a 4 or 5 day period)

hopefully this image I drew will make sense how I made my bow ^_^;;

Miaka no Baka

04-02-2004, 10:43 AM
Wow! That was you at AOD? XD I remember thinking how that was the floofiest and bestest-looking Dejiko I'd seen in a long time. You captured the floofiness perfectly...other than making the bangs a bit shorter, I really can't see anything that needs improvement. You should have won an award with that. (Your skit was so well-choreographed too!)

04-02-2004, 12:17 PM
Hehe Power to Cheap cosplay -nyo! ^-^ {I used a bed sheet to make my apron XD ~~ I'm soo poor.... *cries* } But wow~ *cringes at the thought of spending soo much on a wig* ^^;;;;; and I never woulda thought about enlarging a baby's kitty costume o_o;; ... Ingenious! And I didn't bother with anti-slip stuff, it was fun to slide around in the hotel XD And about the bells, did you make em? They look like a pretty good size ^_^ *the look of the construction reminds me of mine* o_o; ... *cries* I dun feel poofy enough anymore -nyo! *sniffles* did you make the Petticoat too? ish amazingly poofy! *pulls up her own petticoat* and it looks like it fits you well ^-^ Don't want saggy petticoat *I dealt with that.. >_>; and about the costume it's self, was it comfortable? It seems alittle form-fitting/tight at least from the pictures {sorrys if I'm picking too much into it ^^;;;;;;;; }

04-02-2004, 05:12 PM
that's the coolest dejiko i've ever seen! it looks .... RIGHT.

Space Invader
04-02-2004, 06:09 PM
>But wow~ *cringes at the thought of spending soo much on a wig*

It's actually normal to spend that much (usually more) on a good wig. You normally aren't going to get one that looks even DECENT for less than $30.


Miaka, your Dejiko kicks ARSE. Yes. Arse. I love the boots - you should make them double as houseslippers. XD

The only thing I can see that kind of bothers me (besides that the wig is a bit too long - but you already know that so I won't elaborate) is the eyes on the hat. They seem a little messy - maybe try and make them look a little more clean cut / sewn? I could also see you maybe using lime green vinyl for the eyes, instead of the matte fabric you used - the peepers need to have a bright shine to them.

Other than that, I think it's fantastic. So poofy! =)

Miaka No Baka
04-02-2004, 06:32 PM
>Miaka, your Dejiko kicks ARSE. Yes. Arse. I love the boots - you should make them double as houseslippers. XD

The only thing I can see that kind of bothers me (besides that the wig is a bit too long - but you already know that so I won't elaborate) is the eyes on the hat. They seem a little messy - maybe try and make them look a little more clean cut / sewn? I could also see you maybe using lime green vinyl for the eyes, instead of the matte fabric you used - the peepers need to have a bright shine to them.

Other than that, I think it's fantastic. So poofy! =)

The thing with my wig is it's got the nice skin top so at the part it looks like there's skin like on your scalp, everyone thought it was my natural hair dyed green lol!

The hat is different, I put that picture to mainly show the wig's color the eyes are 3d resin casted by my boyfriend and they were sprayed a flourescenty green and those eyes u see on the hat picture are no longer there. If you check the image I posted you may be able to see the eyes, i'll have to take another picture of the hat to show it better the next chance i get as the costume isn't with me right now it's up in northern cali, and I am in so cali ^_^;

The bells started off as little kids plastic bowling balls and they jingle and make a really good sound ^_^ We got lucky and found that plastic bowling ball set at kbtoys and purchased them right away and worked on them ^_^; The slit in the bell is actually cut out from the bell and they're really cool looking if ya see them up close XD keeps everyone baffling ^_^

The costume is extremely comfortable it's well fitted and because of it, it fits like a glove so to speak so it's super comfortable, I don't know if it does appear tight on me in the pics but it doesn't feel tight and i don't have a hard time getting in and out of it, if anything the apron waistband needs to be a bit tighter ^_^;;

I bought the petticoat off ebay over a year ago and it came that way. When I get h ome I can see if there's a tag in it with the maker's info if u were interested in getting one just like it.

And yep that was me at anime od, and thanks for the praise ^_^; Our skit looked well choreographed? lol we majorly messed up a bit on it, I guess it wasn't that noticible to the audience then?

Miaka no Baka

04-02-2004, 06:33 PM
Personally, I *love* the wig as it is. It really adds to the oversize-ness and froofiness of the rest of the costume. It's beautiful, and worth every penny you spent on it. I would just leave it alone, but, of course, it's up to you!

I can't really find anything wrong with the costume at all... looks fabulous! (And like lots of fun to wear... though I imagine trying to fit into a car must be kind of interesting... ^^)

Miaka No Baka
04-02-2004, 07:34 PM
lol yes cars are soo much fun with that costume ^_^;;; When I went to anime od, I had the blue dress and bloomers already on and I just slipped everything else on after we arrived which made things easier. When we went out with friends to yoshinoya near by anime od that was a fun endevour. I barely fit in the front seat, I had to crouch down cause with the hat I was too tall for the car ^_^; and I barely was able to buckle the seat belt lol! I was always worried about slamming part of the dress in the door too ^_^;;

Miaka no Baka

Hikaru Tsuki
04-07-2004, 06:31 PM
I think the apron just needs a good pressing at the bottom hems to avoid them from flipping up, which they appear to be doing in the photos. Other than that, I love the costume. ^^

04-08-2004, 01:27 PM
What an awesome dejiko. Its so fluffy I love it. I cant see anything wrong with it.

04-08-2004, 05:46 PM
'Tis very cute and floofy ^^ Are those the official bells? They look just like hers. (And, if not, how did you make them? ^^; )

The only thing I can nitpick are the back apron straps -- it appears that the raw edge is flipping out a little bit because the ruffle isn't sewn to a band.

04-09-2004, 11:31 AM
Sugoi! I luff the poofyness! Okay... first of all - its mega cool. ^^ Im working on a Dejiko costume myself (60 yard petticoat and all @_@).

Hmmm... Yeah, theres some raw edges on the back of the apron, I would tuck those away or finish them somehow... As for the hat, paws, and feet, I myself am not a fan of the furry fabric on this costume (Im using flannel and fleece). It makes sense, but its chunky and it doesnt usually look smooth - more nappy. As for the wig, I would just try a more lime green color and not as much poofy... Dejiko doesnt really have poofy hair, just weird shaped bangs. Other than that (most of which depends on personal opinion), your costume is wonderful! One the best Dejikos I have ever seen!

<3 Sheli

04-20-2004, 06:06 PM
eeeee I just wanted to say that I Luff You Dejiko Costume!! -jumps arround- I luff the flooflyness. Like Other people said some dejikos don't use the floofyness!! IS so awfull also the bells! THEY ARE NOT FLAT AND STYROFOAM LIKE!! I luff it! nice nice! tought I would just give my imput

04-20-2004, 06:10 PM
I love it. It's cool! ^_^ (I love the hair!)