View Full Version : Houston A-kon attendees!

03-30-2004, 12:23 PM
Hi! I'm going to Project A-kon, cosplaying as Solid Snake, and a Zealots Special Forces Team member from the Joseph Wright comic Twilight X. I'll be running two gaming events, 2 Warhammer 40k miniatures games on Friday and Sunday, and a Robotech pen-n-paper RPG event on Saturday afternoon.

Anyway, I'd like to get a group of people together from the Houston area to go in on a hotel room on-site at the `Kon. I know rates are kinda steep, and I'd also just plain like the company for the drive and the stay.

I am a 29 year-old single male. I smoke socially and am a moderate drinker. :drink: I am neat, clean :crest: , and courteous, and am stably employed and capable of paying my own way. I have my own vehicle, but it's a bit raggedy, so I'd prefer to carpool, and would be willing to take responsability for taking care of reservations for a larger vehicle for the trip up.

Interested parties can contact me privately through shrike06@hotmail.com