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03-31-2004, 10:34 PM
As most of you know, there was an accident in Bridgeport, CT, that damaged the bridge portion of I-95 in that town.
Due to this, driving up to Boston could prove a hassle. If you plan on sticking to I-95, you should be prepared to tack on an additional two hours of time to your drive...
But, fear not, I'm here to inform you of ways around the mess!

Of course, more local streets/exits around Bridgeport will be crowded due to people finding close ways around the bridge. So here are to nice ways to go around it...


First off, remaining close to I-95, as you see in the inset of the map.
What to do here, is exit off on to US-1/7 down in Norwalk (I-95 exit 15), and take that up to CT Rt. 15 (US-7 exit 3). CT-15 runs parallel to I-95, and passes north of Bridgeport. Then you take CT-15 exit 54 onto the Milford Parkway to get back onto I-95, and continue your way up to Boston as normal.

Of course, this route still might have increased traffic, but we also have this northern way on the map that doesn't take I-95 along the coast, and is almost more direct to Boston, just a little longer...

On I-95 in NY, exit onto I-287 (I-95 exit 21). Go up it until the exit for 684 (I-287 exit 9A I think? just follow signs...). Drive up I-684 until you hit I-84 (I-684 exit 9E). Stay on I-84 the whooole way through CT until it dumps out onto the Massachusetts Turnpike, I-90. This is a toll road, and it does take EZ-Pass. Now, just continue on I-90 straight into Boston!

For further instructions on getting to the hotel from either I-95 or I-90, see the AnimeBoston website.

03-31-2004, 11:26 PM

Hopefully by next week, the traffic won't be so bad. Since I'm leaving in the morning, it might not be too bad. I can't get off I-95 without getting lost.

04-01-2004, 03:28 PM
Thanks Oshi, this truely doth rock!