View Full Version : Fruits Basket Gathering and Pictures!

04-04-2004, 05:03 PM
ok this one is for sure there will be no changes now (i mean the con is this weekend!) and i finally started a cstume and sticking with going as Kyo from Fruits Basket! *sound of claps as she bows*
anywho so me and someone else on AnimeBoston.com were talking and planning on having a Fruits Basket gathering, take pictures, and such on Friday at around 4ish!
any other fruits basket cosplayers that would like to join in?
if you can't make it at 4 then let me know and we can probably just change the time... whatever is best for everyone...
and we will all meet in the Main Lobby at that time
ok well let me know if you can join in, or if u have any friends that are cosplaying FB that would like to or you would like to make them

TTYL byes!
~Lil Demon Kyo~

04-07-2004, 05:09 PM
ok everyone it has been desided that we will be meeting at 4 in the lobby near that platform thing witht he couches on it... if we can't meet on it then just stand by it... if you see someone walking around aimlessly thats from fruits basket just screem there name and wave them over!
ok well tty all later and see you soon! bye byes