View Full Version : Origional Cosplay?

04-09-2004, 11:37 PM
Hey! I was just wondering if anyone (other than myself) was doing an origional cosplay at the picnic. I'm doing an old character of mine, Reaver. Kind of like a dark, fallen angel type!!! Ne1 else? ^_^

04-10-2004, 06:12 PM
I'll bring my Relic of Armageddon original cosplay since your bringing your original cosplay.

04-10-2004, 06:59 PM
Well, a couple of us are doing EGL stuff, which may be considered original. Also, I may bring another more doomy faerie of doom.

04-10-2004, 09:00 PM
Cool! Since my character i slke fallen angel goth style, we can have a cool photo up!!! XD

04-11-2004, 04:31 PM
Sounds great Reave!

04-11-2004, 08:53 PM
OK! it looks like I'm not the only one doin an origional. I'm just thinking if I really wanna do ti after all though. I wanna do a couple other cosplays and this one recquires alot of blacknail painting and fake tatoo drawing, which I can't do for the other costumes. So I'm still thinking bout it.