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10-11-2013, 04:03 PM
Hello guys. I just registered here out of desperation. I've decided to do my first cosplay and of course, as a huge Assassin's creed fan, I've decided to go as Ezio Auditore. I've run into a huge problem. As you can tell most of the Ezio or Altair cosplays are shit because people buy costumes with shit material and the hood look ridiculous. Always wide open and funny.

I came to the conclusion that the character deserves a better cosplay than that and i started making my own suit. So far things are going good but now its time for the hood and upper tunic.

When walking out of the shower earlier i took a look with my bathrobe in the mirror and was amazed how the TerryCloth hood falls freely on my head and look really "Assassin-like" I looks incredible actually, nothing like the strong leather hoods and other crap. Juts like Ezio's hood.

I took a look at this video:

Check out minutes: 2:51 and 3:00

I saw that Ezio's hood is made of material close to the Terry cloth. Again , that falls freely and heavy on the head without slipping the shit.

So my question here is: What kind of material can i use to make the hood look like this in the video? Even if it isn't the same material... the main thing is that it behaves the same ( Like the Terry Cloth bathrobe and the hood in the trailer).
I'm really excited for this and i really want to make it look great. So if you guys have any ideas for the type of cloth i can use for the hood please help out.

Thanks. :))

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10-15-2013, 03:43 AM
Bumping threads really won't do much on this forum.

Otherwise, terrycloth is absolutely what you'd not want. Try cotton twill: http://www.renaissancefabrics.net/browse/cotton/cotton-twill/

10-16-2013, 03:54 PM
Why is Terrycloth so bad?

10-17-2013, 05:29 AM
For starters, terry cloth wasn't invented till 1841, so if you're going for any form of authentication, that would be right out the window by nearly 300 years.

Second, breathability.. if terry cloth were to get wet in rain, humidity, or heaven forbid, someone push you into a pool or body of water, it would soak said water up like a sponge. Anytime you'd sweat, it would absorb it. Decent terry cloth is actually quite heavy too and wouldn't really give any flow. For example, take a big fluffy towel right out of the dryer. You'd essentially be wearing that.

10-18-2013, 03:49 AM
I understand. Thanks a lot for the info.
Do they sell pieces of cotton twill at stores for fabric materials. Like, can i walk in and buy 2-3 meters of cotton twill?