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04-12-2004, 01:14 PM
Now ends a second year of Anime Boston game shows. "Whose Line is it Anime" was just as good as always, opening up many new sides of the personalities of AB's guests.

Zephyr Game Shows provided three game shows of their own - two of which were brand new! "Anime Name that Tune" had to end early due to a last minute decision to give cosplay setup more time, which was unfortunate but not a problem in any way. Our contestants were great and our audience even greater - especially Arsene Lupin and his extensive knowledge of music that earned him a movie soundtrack AND a Fujiko centerfold!

Our first experimental game was "Hentai Havoc." This game was based on dirty inuendos and was 18+ only due to its potential nature. Though there was no nudity or graphic nature to this game, the inevitable reactions to the graphic questions and the fact that hentai prizes were given out required 18+ even though I'm sure it was church talk in comparison with the newer MTV generation! Also, for liability reasons, the 18+ mandate was necessary. The game itself ran pretty well and the contestants and audience members REALLY got into it. It was a lot of fun and, after working out a couple of kinks, this experimental game will be set to be an official Zehyr Game Show. After all, I don't think anyone will ever see Kiki's Delivery Service the same way again.

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The second new game, "Live Action: Otaku Trivial Pursuit," was to take six contestants and make them life-sized players on our massive dance floor game board. However, last minute on Saturday, the Plaza Hotel opted to let us know that they would not allow us to do this. The hotel told us at the very last minute that their staff wouldn't be available for chair removal due to the costs of maintaining a work force on holiday. So, we sat there Saturday night programming a brand new Trivial Pursuit board from raw code and Gundam clips (which later became the stars in their live pornographic performance during the event). After a long night of coding, typing, and troubleshooting, we premiered an amazing board that you would never have expected to be last minute. The game's questions were challenging, but it was rare that there was nobody who could answer any of them. One person tried questioning the wording of our "Alice 19th" question, but what they overlooked (if they are reading right now, that is) is that the question specified when Alice was first told about her ability - which was outside of Tokyo Tower and those two words were necessary for accurately depicting the answer. Regardless, the six contestants (all male - shame on you ladies) rolled the life-sized die and wore the category badges after correct answers to win prizes like the Generator Gawl DVD box set and other DVDs. This game was amazingly fun and, for everyone there, some last words: don't play the harmonica or let your Gundam blast off in public.

Thanks to everyone for such a great time and do reply with any questions or comments!

- Corey Gough
Zephyr Game Shows (Fansview Personality of the Week??? I knew my bribes would work...)

04-12-2004, 02:38 PM
Whose line is it anime was funny as HELL!
But the line was SO LONG! It wrapped around in a circle on the second floor, and then down some stairs. My friends and I had just finished the Amaetur dubbing thingy with Crispin Freeman, and the line was so long. We thought we were going to get cut! But we all made it in, and it was worth the wait. I took pictures, only 2 because I ran out of film. And two very good ones. . .in 'moving people' I seem to recall very funny beginning poses *click* and then an incredibly wrong pose to see between two guys, lol *everyone clicks*