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04-13-2004, 12:49 PM
I need to make mine finer for my costume, and I was wondering if anyone out there knew a way to do it that what less painful than plucking, which I shall never do again in a million years because it takes way too long and stings like a b*tch.

04-13-2004, 01:39 PM
There are many methods you can do to thin out your eyebrows.

First I would suggest trimming them using a pair of cuticle scissors. To do that take an eyebrow brush/comb or a spoolie (looks like a mascara wand) and comb your brows to the desired shape you want. Any hair that sticks out you'll need to trim.

Then, from a beauty supply store, you can get these eyebrow templates to block out the eyebrow shape you want to keep. Anything outside the template you want to get rid of using waxing (preferred method), shaving (leaves stubble), sugaring (special chemical has a sugar texture to it), using a depilatory or plucking.

Each form has its advantage and disadvantage. Wax, like plucking, hurts. You can always numb the area first with a cold compress (take a ziploc bag fill it with water, freeze it flat and put it on your eyebrow) and afterwards use a spray to help reduce redness. You'll still have to pluck any finer hair that wasn't waxed out but you'll have the majority of hair gone. Also note, for the wax to adhere correctly you'll need to wash the area, dry it then apply a talc (baby) powder. I prefer a hard wax over a soft wax since you don't have to mess around with strips.

There are also self-waxing eyebrow strips that you can use. You apply them over and under your eyebrow, press and peel. I never used them but saw them recently at the drugstore (Rite Aid).

I never used "sugar waxing" myself so I can't tell you if its painful or not but I have shaved my eyebrows and then pluck anything remaining. Its messy especially if you have dark eyebrows and fair skin (like me) since you'll be able to see the stubble left behind. There are shaving combs out there made specifically for the eyebrows but I don't recommend them (either manual or electric) unless you have light, fine colored eyebrows. Trust me dark stubbles look nasty!

You could also use a depilatory but be warned those products are not meant for the eye area so use it at your own risk. You could burn your eyes to the point of blindness.

Here are some name products you could try:

Sally Hansen
Hair removal wax strip kit for
Eyebrow, face & lip wax
Sugar wax hair remover kit for face

Eyebrow Arching Kit
Micro Tweeze No Strip Wax

Kai Razor
Touch'n Brow Razor

American International
Clean+Easy Tweeze Free Microwave Hair Remover
Clean+Easy Roll On Mini Waxer
Clean+Easy Facial Waxer
Clean+Easy Wax Remover (get this if you use a wax)
Ardell Surgi Hair Stop - For Face
Ardell Surgi-Brow Shapers (prewaxed strips)
Ardell Surgi Wax - For Face

No Heat Hair Remover Gel

T. R. International
Moujan 2000 Pre-Waxed Strips - Face

Cyber Wolf
04-13-2004, 02:01 PM
And if ya don't feel like removing any of your eyebrow hair you could always cover the parts you don't want showing up with some makeup or eyebrow plastic:
http://www.mallatts.com/spindb.query.listallshop2.mallatts.17.Eyebrow~20Pl astic~20and~20Sealer.5

Vanity Fading
04-13-2004, 08:29 PM
you can also use bleach to lighten some part of the eyebrow so its not very noticible. They sell bleach for facial hair in drugstores

04-13-2004, 09:44 PM
Trust me... go to a hair salon place and see if they have waxing services. You can get your eyebrows professionally to to any kind of shape you want for $10-$15. It's worth every penny. Honestly, I wouldn't trust myself trying to shape my eyebrows...

Sure, the waxing does sting a little, but that's the best thing to do, in my opinion.

04-13-2004, 09:54 PM
There are creams you can get for toothaches that you can apply to the brow area to numb before plucking.

The more often you pluck, the less it will hurt - however, that also means the less likely the hairs are to grow back since continuous plucking may mean the hair does not grow back fully.

Probably best to go a salon to do it for you though - just so that they give you the right eyebrow shape - you might end up with too thin or uneven brows if you're not careful. Plus at a salon, they're faster at it, so it's not so drawn out in pain.

04-13-2004, 10:05 PM
Its the whole drawn-out pain thing I want to avoid. The only time I had my eyebrows plucked it took an hour and left the skin over my eyes all red and puffy.

Thanks for all the suggestions :) I deffinantly think I'll go to a salon. Just something else I'll need to allot for in my convention budget..

04-13-2004, 10:07 PM
Trust me... the skin around the eyebrows where it got plucked was red for about 30 mins and there was a little lingering.... thing, sensation-wise for about 15 minutes afterwards. But aside from that, I'd go get them waxed again when the time would come again. They were very professional and I was very happy with the results.