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04-20-2004, 10:30 PM

I will be having an anime/Cosplay sale at A-kon15.

Heres just a small list list of what I will be bring...

Cosplay List-
14KT Gold Utena Rose necklace. $35

>Special request<
From Japan Official Angel S Silver ring and necklace set. $50

Cyber Lolita EGL Hair Set Black/White/&Silver~Comes with...8 36in braided and straight hair fall piece clips, 4 white flared out accent hair piece w/ black curls and lil silver stars, 4 black flared out accent hair piece w/ black curls and lil silver stars, 2 curly black/silver/white pony tail falls about 36in long, and 2 black curly pony tail falls about 36in long. $95 (free extra EGL white/silver/and black ribbon hair piece)

EGL- Long bell sleve lace up black velvet short dress (size s/m). Also comes with waist length sheer cotton white EGL/Painter style blouse (size s/m), **Short** Lycra black with white poka dots skirt (size s), and satin black with white poka dots tie. $125

School girl skirt~ Black/White/darkSilver knit cotton skirt with black suspenders. Size s-m. $25

Malice Mizer EGL~ Long Metallic Blue and black lace skirt. Size s-m. $45

EGL Dress~ Med length black PVC belt jumper with black PVC knee high legings. Size M-L-XL. $75

Battle Athletes Battle suits~ (made out of Lycra) Light blue & Dark blue. Suit Sizes 10-12 $95 each.

Dementia7 V1 costume~ M-L Made out of Lycra fabric. (comes with- undersuit, oversuit fighter body suit/ hood, boots size 9-9 1/2 & sword) $190

The Fifth Element Attendant costume~size SM(comes with-hat, skirt, top, & shoes- blue roller blades/ wings size 9-11) $150

To Heart~ Red/ white sailor top. (made out of cotton) Size S-M $15

Final Fantasy X2~ Rikku Cosplay Creation kit set-
Come with...2 yrd of white cotton fabric, a size small/Med Lycra red and Yellow swim suit, knit red/orange/yellow scarf (about 8-10 feet long),olive green cotton/canvas fabric, 2 black leather belts, 1 tan leather belt, 3 yrds sheer rainbow blue ribbon, 20-30red, blue big and small beads, about 5 yrds of yellow leather string, and 20-30real silver beads. $185

Jpop Platform shoes-~(only 2 left. Colors- White/metalic neon Blue. White/ metallic neon hot pink.) Size 9-10 **NEW** $50 each

Deep purple and black Marry Jane shoes. Size 10-11 $35

White and black Marry Jane shoes. Size 10-12 $25

Olive green/green tea green/ Black gold lace up rubber spike bottom shoes. Size 10-12 $35

Commissions- (I makes EGL style umbrellas. So if you need that just right looking umbrella for your EGL costume but you cant find that one that shines out from all the others? I can help you out. Project 18 designs. Where wildest dreams of fantasy come true.)

DVDMacross Saga 9 DVD 1-3 box set. $100

First season Japanese version uncut DVD box set Inu-Yasha. $35

(I will be selling Deamcast/Capcom Games as well.)

(I will also be selling Jpop Tops, Rave/Cyber style pants, Corsets, and Jpop/ Jrock clothing sets at A-kon. Along with DVD's, toys, Props, and games.)

With each item there is either a free manga, free poster, or free Japanese fan.

Please Email me if you see any thing of interest to you.

Thank you ^^ for looking. Hope ta see u at A-kon. & I hope u will have a GREAT time.

~Asia K~
Project 18 Designs.