View Full Version : Anyone else going from Rochester?

Xanthe Kelsylva
04-23-2004, 05:00 PM
Ok, so it turns out my brother doesn't want to go to AN this year and I can't tag along with him. And my friends can't go because... well, their parents wouldn't want them too, and they aren't rebellious or independent enough to figure something out with me. So I'm totally on my own if I go, and I have the added problem of only being 17 and not even living in Toronto. But I still want to go so badly! The only chance I have of possibly going is if the fast ferry is going between Rochester and Toronto next month and I go to AN just for Saturday. I'd really like to go with a group if I go though, so is there anyone else in Rochester who wants to go just for Saturday and take the ferry with me?

Catboi Blues
04-25-2004, 01:00 PM
Rochester, NY or Rochester, MI?

04-26-2004, 12:22 PM
I'm also from Rochester, NY! I'm also 17. Where are you? I live in Greece. Yeah I'm too cheap to use the fast ferry. :thumbsup: Maybe we can meet up at AN. If you need a ride I still have one seat left in my car.

04-26-2004, 08:24 PM
Oh if you happen to live in Rochester, NY and not Rochester, MI then go to this thread. We are having a cosplay get together at RIT May 8th and 9th. http://forums.cosplay.com/showthread.php?t=33961 I hope you can come!

Xanthe Kelsylva
04-26-2004, 08:55 PM
Ok, there's sort of been a change in plans. I found out how much the ferry would actually cost. lol, stupid me, I was thinking it was like the ferrys in Washington. So at this point it's VERY unlikely that I'll be able to go since I don't have a hotel room reserved or anything.

However, I am going to ask my mom about the gathering at RIT and she will probably consent to that. If I see you there, maybe we can arrange to go to Anime North together :) I would love that!

Oh, and I did mean Rochester, NY, not Rochester MI. I actually live in the city, too. lol, it's funny when people ask me where I'm from and I'm like "Rochester" and then they're like "WHERE in Rochester?" because they assume I mean the suburbs. Even more ironic are my "friends" who refuse to drive "out" to the city. Yeah, I'm actually off of East Main Street.