View Full Version : Regarding the photo gallery changes . . .

04-28-2004, 07:05 PM
It is NOT finished.

We reverted the script back to an older version because the new script version didn't do anything but add a bunch of "look at me!" design features while causing the server load to increase dramatically. The older version of the script is much more stable, so after around 18 hours of working on it I've been able to revert everything back to it. It was kinda like trying to downgrade your computer from Windows XP to Windows ME while keeping all of your files and settings. It worked though.

That being said, all of the "look" features are easy enough to add on without having to upgrade to the unstable code, so I am doing that bit by bit. Things like the thumbnails for sub-albums, the icons in comments, a tad more color splashed around, stuff like that.

The thing that will NOT be changing back is the overall layout. The entire site is going to this new layout, so it's best to just get used to it. Once the Costume Database pages (and a few newer features) open back up again you'll understand why. Any intelligent web design uses a standard look and feel across the majority of the website.

Please don't commence complaining until I say "the new design is finished". Cause it's not.