View Full Version : Fabric and Prop Stores!

05-10-2004, 04:41 PM
For anyone living in the GTA-ish region I have a few really good places to buy props and costumes that I regularly go to...

The first place is where I buy my wigs, and props or If have questions about make up (like removing spirit gum X_X ) I usually got to this place in Mississauga called. " Hollywood Tickle Trunk" or just ' the tickle trunk' for short. Their number is 905-212-7772 they're located at 947 Matheson Ave. E. by highway 410 and tomken road. Their hours are from :
9-6pm monday to friday
11 am - 3 pm on Saturday
11 am - 2 pm on Sundays.

You really have to look for this store, it's easy to miss I know the first time my mom and I spent almost an hour looking for it. X_X

My favourite place to get fabrics is a placed called Len's Mill in Hamilton really dirt cheap fabrics you can get there. And the people there are all so nice ^-^ here's they're website. http://www.lensmill.com/specials.htm

I hope this helps anyone who is having trouble finding fabrics or props. If you have any question lemme know! ^_^