View Full Version : A-Kon15 seeking Pet Shop Of Horrors or RG Utena cosplay

05-16-2004, 12:29 AM
Project A-kon15 Cosplayers wanted for PSOH or RG Utena


Is there anyone that will be at a-kon15 that will have a Utena T. School uniform from the movie or an anthy H. School uniform from the movie?
We need you so badly. (2 of the girls who were to be n our skit r being a pill. Now they r expecting all the others in the skit to make WHOLE costumes and for free. And the wont even come to the pratices ;_; ) Please it would mean so much. Iv been working on this skit for 2 1/2 years now. I dont want to have to cancel it. v,v

Also if there is going to be anyone cosplaying for the anime Pet shop of Horrors aka PSOH......lets get together. I have a model photographer friend who is coming out to a-kon to take pictures.....and this is one hes really intreaged in. ^^V