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05-19-2004, 11:54 PM
hey all, i'm cross posting this message in the hopes of getting the word out to as many people as i can.

do you like movies? do you want to be in one?

do you like camping? do you enjoy the feeling of rocks jamming your spine?

no matter what your answer to the above, read on! the pig commands thee!

i am trying to organize two things: a camping trip and the making of some movies. it might work out well to combine the two events, however, one need not participate in both to do just one. the camp ground should provide us with some modicum of isolation with ample space and scenery for the filming.


fire, friends, the warm summer air, stars, fire, a soothing summer breeze, the smell of fresh air, fire, comraderie, the shuffling off of the shackles of modern life, and fire. yes, fire. these are what makes camping so nice. never you mind the food (you eat just as poorly at cons. don't lie!) or the lack of modern facilities (some camp grounds are not so lacking however).
who are you to resist?


have you ever wanted to be the next dancing baby, star wars kid, or man who gets hit in the crotch? neither have i. however, this is your opportunity to get on screen and, hopefully, NOT be one of those horrors!
instead of trying to make a relatively long coherent story that will turn out to be anything coherent or enjoyable, the filming will be of multiple short skits. this way, the set up time is minimal, filming will not be reliant upon specific people or props, and everyone will get a chance to be involved. it may also make the editing process much less difficult if each skit can be done in one shot, thereby making it more likely to actually HAVE a finished product. further, i think that this will result in a more entertaining product.


how will such grand schemes come together? by mixing the honesty of a politician and the blood of a stone? no such sorcery needed!


the location is TBD. i have some state parks in mind. everyone that i have spoken with on the subject is from DE, MD, NJ, or southeastern PA. i have limited my search to areas that can be reached by everyone. furthermore, i know that not everyone wants to be in a tent or, heaven forbid, out in the open. i have also limited the search to places with cabins.

here are some links to state park guides:


the following parks have stood out:

White Clay Creek Preserve

French Creek State Park

Belleplain State Forest

Elk Neck State Park

Delaware Seashore State Park (sounds really cool, but most likely booked or too far for some people. possibly not enough variation in scenery for filming)

Killens Pond State Park (usage of row boats comes with cabins. once again, probably too far.)

if you have any input on location, please input away ASAP! i want to visit some of these places, possibly even camp there to see if they're worthwhile. if interested in testing with me, please PM or email me. the decision must be made soon so that i can make reservations.


filming will be restricted to short skits (no more than five minutes, which is probably too long). the idea is to make a variety show. it's probably our best bet for fun and success.

skits are to be written beforehand so that we know what props and costumes will be needed. i have some different ideas about writing skits. if you would like to help write some, please contact me directly by email or PM. skits should be done no later than one week before the shoot so that we have time to see which ones can be done and everyone can plan accordingly. as for who gets what part in the skits, i am uncertain yet. i would like to give everyone involved an opportunity.

i have one digital video camera. it would be good if there were at least one more. we should devise a schedule based on attendance the morning of the shoot. the number of simultaneous shoots should be limited to avoid confusion. this scheme needs to be discussed further and is highly dependent on how many people are involved.


picking dates is always tricky... er, fun. tentative dates are the weekends of July 9th, 16th, and 23rd. for now, i will say that it will be the weekend of July 16th. if few people object and i can get the
reservation, so it shall remain. camping will go being on friday night. i am willing to stay through sunday. if others are too, i can book the whole weekend. filming will be on saturday. anyone who wants to be there to film, be there then.

remember that you need not camp to be involved in the movie and vice versa! just come for the event of your choice.

this is a first time event, so it is going to be a learning process for all of us.

later, ma poop slices.

05-20-2004, 04:54 PM
ummm, I think I stayed at french creek park, but having it in pa would rock I always love it when camping and movies and join together in marriage and produce a lovely hybrid

05-20-2004, 09:47 PM
Sounds great!! I'd be interested!! I hope its in PA too.........I hope more people read this ^_^.

05-21-2004, 03:15 PM
good to see that some more people are interested.

amantalathiel, how is french creek? good scenery? good for camping? spacious?

05-21-2004, 03:22 PM
lots of trees, good scenery, real nice, its a pa forest, theres NOTHING better XD