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05-20-2004, 02:58 AM
Ok everyone Myself and a Friend of mine (some of you know as Riot of Blood from acen forums) are planning a big naruto skit for the show at AR so with that said heres what we got as Riot posted on Acen forums

-Riot's Post-
So, as far as cosplaying goes, the characters available are as follows, as me and Neji, have already begun the recruiting process, and have some promising candidates. The following listed are open for grabs:

Rock Lee
Inner Sakura (Alternate Voice)

--Other Possible Candidates--
Closet Pervert

~The following are TAKEN:~

As the Naruto cast is fairly expansive, there of course may be numerous character cuts, depending upon the time and content of the skit. However, when more ideas and a steady story come out of the wood-work, myself or Neji will post it here.
-End Quote-

Now if you want to join us please send me an email at AnimeFreak7824@hotmail.com or you may pm me on here. If you have ideas you would like to contribute please feel free to do the above or post here.
Because we are looking for characters for a skit as well as planning it please try not to post here if you want to join us it would be better if you mailed or pmed

Also for ideas try to keep it within the characters listed above and on a comical basis thank you for your time in reading this long post ^_^

P.S mods if i am in the wrong tread please feel free to move its just hard to guess where a skit casting call would go and its not just a casting call but a place to post ideas so you can see my dilemma ^_^