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05-21-2004, 09:48 PM
Okay i would lieka gritique on my first serious cosplay costume...Kouga... There is one picture in my profile and few others under my name int the members photos page... please let me know what you think as i need sugestions on how to improove my costumeing abilitie..as well as if i am any good as of yet. thankx

05-22-2004, 06:45 PM
Well, you don't have his armor, which takes away a lot from the costume.
I think the shoulder pads should be a bit bigger. He also has a tie on the front of his fur skirt-thing and the top of his legwarmer things.
His skirt also isn't all jagged on the bottom.
The colors on the sword aren't right, I believe he has a red wrap around the top of it.

I can't tell whether you have his tail or not...

^^ Aside from the armor, everything should be pretty easy to change. I think with a couple adjustments, it could be a really great costume! Good luck ^-^

05-23-2004, 04:18 AM
Thank you.. yeah the armor part gave me some trouble i ended up putting rigging to gether the top have of snow pants...(had to cut the elgs of it took 2 hours....owww) i agree for the shoulder pads.... I did have his tail i set ti up on a saftey pin a hook thing so when iw alked it would wave and bounce aroun slightly. Also the picture i have of him are form the series... I didnt see the ties around his elgs...Did i miss it? or is that formt he manga version. i have this discrepsinsey with the jagged loin cloth on the series it isint evan but it saeems ont he manga it is...an ocasionley on the series it looks flat... i spent awile looking for a pic witht hte right cut pattern... Do you ahve one you could send me possibley...so i can fix up the loing cloth?...as for the waist wrap...i ran out fur lol.... oh well.

I wanrt to improove the costu,me btu i cant figure out how to amke the armore....ahas any one else worked witha chacter that weres armor...how did you do it....

Thank you vary mutch for you crituique it helped very mutch.. When i finish touchign it up i will post pics.