View Full Version : Jrock Panels!

05-27-2004, 12:07 AM
Hello hello~

There's a lot of fun jrock stuff happening at PMX, it's great. ^__^

Jrock Intro Panel: Saturday, 2:00 PM, Huntington A-C room. This is basically a panel for people who aren't into jrock, but are curious about it. Since a lot of anime-con attendees are clueless (and even a few hostile..) about jrock and jrock cosplayers, we thought this would be a nice idea.

Jrock Cosplay Panel: Monday, 1:00 PM, Huntington A-C Room. 'Dunno the details about this one. Yui? Anyone? ^^;

Advanced Jrock Panel: (I didn't pick the name o_O it sounds like a college course) Monday, 2:00 PM, Huntington A-C Room. Diretly after the Cosplay panel! We've decided to play some games instead of making this a discussion panel.